Tax return accepted but no record at irs yet

Hi all I was wondering after it says "Accepted" on Turbotax how long it takes to find out the status at the IRS "Where's my Refund" page. My return was accepted yesterday at 2pm Pacific time but I can not find any record on the IRS page. Also since it was accepted at 2pm Pacific time yesterday does that mean I will not get the direct deposit until 2-1 instead of 1-25.

On another note it is really sad to see how many people are relying on this refund this year to buy food, pay rent, utilities, car payment, etc.....It is really sad. I hope we all have a better year in 2012.
    It can take up to 72 hours for WMR to acknowledge your information. Even after it does, it will lock you out and not recognize your information if you check it too many times in a day. It will reset and allow you access the following day. Really not a fantastic system Imho.
      Do you owe taxes from a previous year?  If you owe the IRs back taxes or if you are currently on an installment payment plan, your refund status will not be available on WMF. :(
      • Hi, I filed on the 19th and received an email from turbo tax saying the IRS had accepted my return on the 19th.  When I go to check the status of my refund, and even called the IRS this morning both are saying they have no record of my return.  Wondering what is going on?
      • I am in the same boat...nothing showing up anywhere.  But at least we all got in at the beginning, so hopefully we will get some money soon :)
      • Me too.... accepted on the 19th and no record of me filing on the 800 number or WMR website
      • I filed on the 12th and they still have no record of me..... this is really sad i'm so worried!
      • I filled on the 19 and got accepted that same day still the irs has no record of my return , I am really worry .
      • Well have any of to heard anything yet??
      • same here guys..filed and all was good on the 19th then went from 1-25 dd now maybe feb 1st according to sbbt but the wmr says feb7th,I spoke to an agent and they could not even pull mine up..sais call back 3 crazy,ans i like alot of people once you see the first message says 1/ do count on it,i work and am single mother so i do look forward to this time of year..i cant wait to get the extra cash(if it ever comes)and i wish everyone the very best of luck:)i will post as soon as i receive:)thanks
      • I filed on the 16th got accepted on the 18th at 734pm( PST) my info on the WMR site hasnt changed since the 19th.

        Refund Status Results

        We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by February 7, 2012.
        Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

            Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
      • I filed on the 26th and turbo tax says the IRS accepted my return, although the IRS has no record of mine....and its been 4 days.
      • Mine return was accepted by TT on 1/25, then using the iphone app, it says accepted, estimated refund date is 2/5/2012.  WMR shows no record, having had a problem with TT in the past and this is my 1st yr back I decided to call the IRS.  The agent said there is no record of my return AND TT couldn't give that info accurately because it isn't available to the IRS or TT as of yet.  So now, I'm worried again that I have TT problems.  You'd think I would've learned by now.
      • I am 4 days out and still have no record at the IRS, despite getting email from TT that it has been accepted...what is going on here?  Never had this problem, and am surprised TT has not been more active in detailing why this is occurring.  I have used TT for over 15 years, but this issue (really the lack of any explanation from TT) has me thinking about other software next year.  I know TT cannot control the IRS, but they should be able to communicate to us why this is occuring.  You would think they would communicate with the IRS regarding efile status communications.
      • I too am having the same problem.  I filed on Feb. 2nd and received email confirmation the same day that both federal and state returns were accepted.  Today, my state website reports that my return has been received and is currently being processed.  However, the Where's My Return feature for federal returns stated that it could not give me information about my return.  After calling the IRS, waiting on hold for 14 minutes and getting some serious attitude from the service rep, I was told that they do not have any record of my return being filed.  I'm really counting on this money to pay some bills, so I'm bummed that my refund is taking so long, but more importantly, I want to be sure that everything was processed correctly and that my return was actually sent.  Not sure how to proceed at this point.
      • I filed on January 27 and my return was "accepted".  It is now Feb. 7th and the IRS website still has no record of my return.  I must be "locked out" as one person stated, because I am checking it too often apparently.  This is frustrating.  I've not had this problem in previous years using turbo tax, and I'm considering NOT using TT in the future!!!
      • I filed and was accepted on Feb is the 7th and there is still no information on "where's my refund".  I contacted the state and it said my refund was processed and I should be receiving it within the week.  Frustrating!
      • Although the IRS had "no record" of my filing through turbo tax, I did receive my refund in the bank today...the day that TT expected my return to be there.  just fyi
      • @jharde2 - What was your accepted date by the IRS? I'm having the same problems as all of you.  The worst part is we filed my girlfriend's taxes the day before mine (Feb 1st) and her return IS being recognized just fine by WMR.
      • Im having the same issue this year i filed with turbotax even though i work for hrblock for the first year....i think im going to have them look over my taxes for a free second look for all 3 years ive used tt bc none of my clients are having thisd problem....
      • i submitted mine last friday, a week ago, it was accepted here on turbo tax, but irs has no record of it....
      • i submitted last saturday, turbo tax stated irs accepted but when i go to where's my refund it states it was not found?
      • I submitted my daughter's taxes on Sunday, Feb 5th, and mine on Monday, Feb 6th.  Both got emails saying it was accepted by the IRS but everytime I check, it keeps saying it has no information on my taxes and that maybe I entered the information wrong.  Used TT for years and never had any trouble.  My other daughter did hers on January 30th and got hers back on the 3rd!  How do we know if they were really filed?????
      it took me about 48 hours from being accepted to be able to see me history in WMR
        it usually takes 48 hours to see any of your info on the WMF page.
        • Wow, I tght I was the only one. I filed, TT says accepted, Irs website and hotline has no knwledege of my return .. Welp, Ill wait nd give it till Monday since I doubt they process on Sat.
        • Welp, im back. Its Jan 23 8:35am nd as of now, the irs still has no knwledge of my return Via hotline and website, nor does the md state has knwledge via website. I filed my return on the 19th, TT said accepted on the 19th annnnnnndddddd .... Nuffin! The irs says the cant tell me anything about my return. Now my ?? Is was it even sent ???? Seriously, was it really sent ???? Could there be a glitch some where??? Did n e 1 else file on the 19th nd been accepted and processed by the irs ???
        • I'm in the same boat. Filled on the 19th. Got the TT acceptance on the 21st. WMF/Phone/and the Maryland state site have no records of anything.
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