how do i downgrade to a different product

I do not need to use Home & Business, I need the Premier Form. How do I downgrade?
    There is a method to downgrade to a lower paid version.  You can contact TT support and ask for a downgrade.
    Here is a link to support, and I follow that with instructions on how to expedite it.:

    That link could produce 1 of 2 possible pages.

    IF that page says "Contact Us" and has a box called "Ask your question here....", type the word "downgrade" (without quotes) and click on GO.
    You will then see two boxes appear. One for ONLINE CHAT, and one for CALL US, and the approximate wait times. Choose your method to contact support.

    If, however, the link page says "Contact US" and has some categories to choose, then choose "Buying/Billing/Account", then choose "Questions about Charges".

    Disregard the recommended answers, that maneuver was just to get the page to expand..

    Instead, scroll down the page a little bit and you will then see contact option boxes appear lower on the page, including ONLINE CHAT or CALL US, with approximate wait times. Choose the method you want.

    Once you reach the support agent (either in Chat or Phone), tell the agent you'd like to apply for a downgrade.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!
    • Thanks epo39. I chatted online with customer support and they gave me a pre-paid code to reduce the price at the end to the actual price of the edition that I needed. It only took about three minutes.
    • You get a code for the discount but you cannot change the software.  Tech support was useless to help me get a true downgrade.  They even had the nerve to say "Im glad I resolved your issue".  Moving to another product.
    Sorry you can't downgrade.  You have to abandon this account and start over with a new account and you won't be able to transfer from last year.
    • That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but thanks for your quick reply.
    • You gotta be kidding me!!  You cant downgrade without having an all new account and your taxes from last year wont transfer!  I've been a loyal customer for many years but I too, do not need the Premier this year only the Deluxe.  Sorry Turbo Tax you just lost a customer!
    • This is the dumbest thing turbo tax has done. Why should I have to restart with a new account because I want to downgrade my product? How dumb is turbo tax that they dont have a way for you to downgrade easily instead of starting from scratch? Im taking my business else where!
    I have a great little loophole that will help you downgrade AND keep your username and past info. First, you need to sign out and then go to   which is a free service for those who qualify but has fewer features. Whether or not you qualify, select the button "I qualify Start now." Sign in, and it will ask you if you are sure you want to downgrade to this product. Accept, and it will clear everything. Once this is done, save and sign out. Now go back to the original turbotax website, select the product you really wanted from the beginning, sign in, and it will again ask you to confirm the change in product. Agree, clear your form to start again and transfer last year's data, and you're in! ;)  Hope this saves a everyone from a lot of headaches!
      I had to generate a chat with a technician, and explained that I by accident upgraded to Home and Business but only used Premier, they were kind and gave me a code to reduce the price to Premier. Do not create a new account communicate your issue it will be solved.
        I just did the LIVE online chat with an agent from the Phillipines (don't you just love the irony of the Phillipino agent helping with the US federal taxes).  Anyway, I was given a code to get a credit for this year's return for the difference between Premier and Deluxe editions.  However, I was also told that next year if I again want to use Deluxe, I'll have to create a new account -- which then won't be able carryover any information.  All of this took a little over 10 minutes.
          Bianca55: Please note you will not have to create a new account next year to start in Deluxe. You'll just need to be sure to select Deluxe from the home page of before you start your return. Or if you sign in first and it prompts you to use the product you used this year, there will be a choice that says something like "see all products" or "choose another product" and from there you can pick Deluxe. One you start your return, you cannot change the product you are in without compromising the integrity of your return, so just be sure you start in the product you want to use first so that you can keep the benefit of year over year transfer of your data from this year.
          • Turbo Tax makes it impossible to downgrade.  I did not even know that I upgraded I feel like I was tricked into it.  I cannot find a phone number and I cannot get the "CHAT" feature to work.  I am so frustrated.
          • @dachshundterri:

            You can discuss your situation with the TT Customer Support by Phone or Chat.
            Read all the steps below before going to the link.

            You will come to a page that says CONTACT US. There are at least 4 departments, so you have to go through this maneuver to get routed to the correct one.

            You MUST choose a topic on the LEFT, then a topic on the right to get the page to expand and make the contact boxes appear.

            So in your case click BUYING/BILLING/ACCOUNT; then on the right click QUESTION ABOUT MY CHARGES.

            You can disregard the help articles. That was just to get the page to expand.

            By then the page will have expanded. Scroll down a little past the notice of the IRS Delay.

            You will see contact boxes for CALL US or CHAT, with expected wait times.

            Support hours: 5 AM - 9 PM PST, 7 days a week.

          • SPICE18 I have started my return over...twice, and it still has me using Basic when I would like to use Free!!!
          • I cannot see ANY way to choose CHAT or TELEPHONE. ALL I see is the option to answer their pre-made questions...NONE OF WHICH apply to me!!
          • Stevie5011:

            Did you read the very first answer in the thread?  It gave all the steps.  You stopped too soon.  Here are the instructions again:

            You have to click on an approximate item in the column on the Left and one on the right.  (That's to route you to the correct department.)  You can ignore the suggested help articles.

            The page will have expanded.   Scroll down a little past the "IRS delay message" and you will see the two contact boxes with expected wait times.

            You will NOT see the contact boxes if you don't narrow it down by clicking the two columns first.

            Support hours:  5 AM - 9 PM PST, 7 days a week.
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