Import H&R Block File into Turbo Tax

I used H&R Block software to do my takes last year. I'm wanting to switch to Turbo Tax but I want to import last year's data into TT. How do you do this? I go to "Transfer Last Year's Turbo Tax Return" but that is only looking for turbo tax files. The file I have is a .T10 from H&R Block.
    TurboTax Desktop for Windows software transfers basic 2010 tax return data from H&R Block at Home (Taxcut) and TaxACT portable document format (PDF) files in addition to their data files (filename extensions .t10 and .t10, respectively). You can only transfer these into the Windows Desktop program.  Not the online version or Mac program.  You can buy a cd or download the program here…..
    • So how do you import a 2011 H&R Block At Home file into TurboTax 2011 on the PC?  Do you use "Open" or "Import" or ???
    I just ran into this with the 2012 version.  TurboTax has STILL not fixed this.  But the nice support people allowed me to download the windows version with no question and I installed on my WinXP VM on my Mac to get the T11 file opened/imported then saved.  The mac version of the TaxCut program then can be used to read and save off your new taxcut file with the T11 data imported.

    TaxCut needs to realize this is false advertising, neither the T11 nor PDF import is functional on the Mac version.
    • Yes, false advertising.  I cannot import H&R block 2012 into TurboTax 2013 on mac, despite claims by TurboTax that you can.  That is a prime selling point, so this should be a punishable offense.  TurboTax doesn't work as advertised.
    • You can't transfer H&R Block or TaxACT tax files to TurboTax for the Mac, but you can transfer from the PDF file.
    • I cannot import H&R block 2012 into TurboTax 2013 on PC.  Any suggestions are welcomeI
      I got a pop up message "The selected fle cannot be ransferred.   Select another file for transfer" after I selected an import H&R block 2012 file.
      I can only import only personal info and only if converted to a PDF file.
    • Whether you call it transferring, importing, or converting,  moving a tax return from one tax software system to another, can be frustrating.  The data structures can be very different and there may not be a one for one correlations between TT and say H&R Block's format.  It is also difficult to maintain the connection & interaction between forms.  So stuff like loss carryovers and depreciation schedules may not survive the import.  While nobody likes this answer, I have found that it is less time consuming to manually re-enter the data off of the previous or this year's paper forms.  Even if you do import from another tax system, you will still have to go in and recheck all the numbers and forms to see if it was done correctly.  Being able to import just the personal info from a PDF file is a bonus and saves a lot of keystrokes.
    • I agree - false advertising.  I made my purchase based on the advertising on the box "EASILY IMPORTS PRIOR YEAR DATA FROM OTHER TAX SOFTWARE BRANDS"  And I even tried PDF.  It doesn't work.  I am going to try and return it to Costco.
    • I downloaded TT to my MacBook.  As indicated in one of these answers, can I not transfer my T10 file from 2010 (also on my MacBook)?  I read elsewhere that a fix was going to be available.

      Please help.

      Thank You,

    • I had the same issue and I found a work around.
      Load the Windows version of TurboTax on another machine or in Virtual machine on your Mac. You can then import the 2010 H&R Block tax info (*.T10)
      Then save the TurboTax file and open that file with the Mac Version of TurboTax. All your data should be imported.
      It's a pain...but it works.
    • So can I import a mac H&R Block 2010 return into a mac 2011 Turbotax without buying a copy of turbotax for windows?
    • You can find the procedure for importing into the Mac at:
      You do need to have access to a Windows PC, either on your Mac or on a separate hardware platform.  If you have the Mac desktop version of TurboTax, you also have the Windows version on the same installation disk.  You will need to load the Windows version on your Windows machine to make the conversion.
    • That is for Windows.  Here is the Mac link
      You can't transfer H&R Block or TaxACT tax files to TurboTax for the Mac, but you can transfer from the PDF file.
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