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How do I attach the worksheet for form 8949?

I finished entering all the information for this section (Personal Income --> Investment Income) & chose the "attach forms" option for my many trades this past year but I was never given an opportunity to download the forms (I'll attach the forms that my broker e-mailed me if allowed the opportunity).  I'm not yet ready to e-file, is attaching the forms coming at the end?  Or will I have to mail them separately?  Let me know, TurboTax gave me the option of attaching forms then didn't ask for the download.
    You have to mail them in separately.  The supporting schedules must have the same information on them as required by Form 8949 and have subtotals and/or subtotals that tie to the summary numbers you've entered.

    You mail in you statements within 3 days of being informed that your e-filed return has been accepted with Form 8453 to :

    Internal Revenue Service
    Attn: Shipping and Receiving, 0254
    Receipt and Control Branch
    Austin, TX 73344-0254

    Tom Young
    • Thanks for the quick reply.
    The Worksheet for Form 8949 from Interactive Brokers can be downloaded in CSV format. The CSV file can be easily converted to TXF files or Form 8949 PDF files using the TXF Creator. It can generate From 8949 copies with boxes (A), (B), (C) checked properly.

    You can directly import TXF files into TurobTax or TaxCut or print Form 8949 copies. If you have trouble using TXF Creator, you can contact customer support at

    • Not sure how you knew that IB is my broker, but you're right, they are and they have CSV files, but I still don't know how to convert them.  That would definitely be the easiest way to do it.  So how do I access this "TXF creator" you mentioned?  I did searches for it, "TXF", and "CSV" in the TurboTax Help section but found nothing useful.  When you browse for files to import in the Investment Income section, it only allows you to import files w/ a .TXF extension.
    Interactive Brokers has form 8949 available on their site in TXF format.  I used that to import into TurboTax.
    • Follow up to TomYoung answer. Do you have to send in Form 8949 to the State of California? If so, is there a California equivalent to Form 8453?
    • hi jylo87 did you ever find out if california needs an equivalent 8949?  I have a ton of transactions last year.  Currently the line item on my california returns says "see attachement"
    I did the same as in the original question (used "See attached" for Investment income on the 8949 as I have a PDF statement from my broker w/a number of transactions), and I just did a test print of my return before filing.  In the filing instructions page, it says the following:

    "What You Need to Mail

    Form 8453
    | What is this form?
    | This is the form you will use to send any required forms or
    | supporting documentation to the IRS.
    | When should I mail the form?
    | Mail Form 8453 promptly after your return is accepted with attached
    | forms and supporting documents listed on Form 8453.
    | Attach the following items to Form 8453: Form 8949 or an acceptable
    | Continuation Sheet for Schedule D.
    | Mail Form 8453 to:
    | Internal Revenue Service
    | Attn: Shipping and Receiving, 0254
    | Receipt and Control Branch
    | Austin, TX 73344-0254