My return was rejected and it said i needed to file a 8862 but when i went in to do it i couldnt find it
    If your return has been rejected by the IRS because you did not include Form 8862, your have been sent a notice (this will be important shortly).  To produce Form 8862, follow these steps:  

    - Start with this Article ID: SLN12028 on TurboTax.com - http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/go/SLN12028  
    - Stop when you get to the "Tell Us a Little More" screen.  
    - There should be six choices.  You might have picked "None of the above" last time.
    - Select "The IRS sent me a notice that I can claim the EIC only if I file From 8862".
    - Go through the remaining pages as before.
    - On the "Your Earned Income Credit Status" input page click No.
    - Complete the provided Form 8862 as appropriate and click continue.
    - You have now successfully completed the 8862.

    When you e-file and print your return, be sure that Form 8862 has been included.  Now you have submitted your return both with, and without, Form 8862.  If it is rejected, your next move would be to call the IRS and see exactly what is causing the rejection.
    • am tryning to open form 8862 eic
    • how do i fine form 8862 im done an just talk to irs an theysaidimust fill out that form
    i need to add form 8862 to this e-fie
      okay forget the links and turbo tax shawn.  try this.  go all the way back to the beginning where you first entered your DEDUCTIONS AND CREDITS.   You are going to want the credits obviously, then skip down to

          Click  VISIT ALL
           it will ask if you want to work on this section, click YES
      The dependent care credit will come up and ask if you want to work on it, say NO

      Now is where you have to be careful.
      The EIC credit will come up and ask if you want to work on it, click YES
      Answer the Eligibility questions and click continue

      THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!
      the next screen that comes up is the TELL US A LITTLE MORE SCREEN.  

      If your return was rejected bacause you need an 8862, this is where you need to be

      is what needs to be checked.  this will pop up the form and you can fill it in from there and continue on.

      if that was the only problem, your return should go thru this time.

      Good luck and thanks turbo tax for making it soooo very easy to correct this error....
          • i can!t find form8862
          • need to summit 8862 for my taxes
          • how do i add the 8862 form to my taxes

          The IRS sent me a notice that I can claim EIC only if I file Form 8862

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