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i did not get my refund on the due date

    I just called the IRS, because my projected date for refund was 2/1 and WMR is still stuck on processing with a date of 2/7. The nice lady that I spoke with said that the projected dates are incorrect and WMR is having issues. She said that my correct projected date is 2/6 and that it MAY be earlier or later, because it is just a projected date. She also said that it should not be longer than 21 days past my accepted date, which was 1/22/2012. With that information, I would say that I should have it before the 12th.

    She ALSO said that, because of the updates, WMR may give some wacky information. I would suggest calling, if you have questions. They were very helpful. The number I called was 800-829-0582 ext 362
    • they did it again last year and this year.  making all of us to wait.  They better not to do that next year.
    It's not turbo tax it's the IRS
    • I havent either and o filed on the 6th of jan and accepted on the 17th and Im still waiting wmr says we cannot provide any info tht it wud be dd in three weeks of acknolwedgment
    • I'm very upset too. I was supposed to get my deposit 2/1/12 & still nothing.  But I know it's not Turbo Tax it's the IRS. I've used TurboTax for the past 12 years.

      This is crazyness!!!!
    • Usually they only direct deposit refunds on Monday's and Friday's.  I've used Turbo Tax for years and never had a problem.  They have no control over when the IRS gets your refund to you.
    • My return was supposed to be here on 2/1/2012 as well - we haven't gotten it. It is, however, not Turbo Tax it is the IRS. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that this has happened too. That makes wating easier for me. :) Thanks!
    • We where supposed to get our refund on 2/1 but still havent gotten it. Reading the other post  i know we arent the only one.
    • I Love using Turbo Tax but plainly, we paid to have this direct deposited by the date specified, not days later. I feel that should be refunded.
    • Well i submitted 2 peoples and also my taxes through turbo tax on  Jan 24th. Well me and one other person has received our money on Jan 28th  4 days later. I guess it all depends. The one person that i helped do her taxes, she still has not received her refund. So it's really up to the IRS. They pick and choose who they want to hurry up and give a refund.
    • I dont know about that I received my state refund by mail in 5 days after I had submitted it.
    • I haven't received my refund either....... so I call once a day to the IRS to check on the processing status..... and everyday the people there get ruder and ruder. They acually told me not to call back until next FRIDAY FEB 10th.  My deposit should have been made 2/1 but my status on WMR says its still in processing and I should have it by 2/7  as of today its been processing for 14 days
    • I filed last Thursday (01/26) using Turbo Tax and wasn't expecting my refund until next week some time but when I check WMR it said I would receive my deposit 2/3. Since so many people complain that WMR is wrong I called my bank to check for pending deposits and sure enough, its pending. My sister filed a day before me using Tax Act and WMR says she'll have hers by 02/14. Strange that the processing times are so all over the place!
    • I got the confirmation from Turbo taxes back they say my funds should be available on Feb 8th but the WMR says the 14th I am really hoping turbo tax is correct as I am trying to move and the refund is my deposit money. I filed and they (both state and federal) were accepted on 1/27 so if its the 14th that is 18 days of waiting which sounds like almost the max wait time for a direct deposit.
    • For the love of god. You paid for a tax prep service, not a guaranteed refund date. I know you all feel like you should come first. Change your withholding. Save money. Not long ago, we actually had to get off of the couch to file our taxes. The IRS thanks you for the opportunity to collect interest on the money you loaned them.  By the way, Im still waiting for mine too. Only came to see why the dates weren't jiving. Thanks for listening. I'll check back later.
    • My return was accepted on 1/22. WMR says projected 2/7.  So I understand those that are upset about all the "projected" dates being broadcasted.  In 2007 I owed taxes to the IRS.  They threatened with garnishments, liens, and imprisonment for $1000. When I was able to pay them the interest that accrued was almost $500.  I think the reason this "processing delay" is causing customers to be upset and worried is because the IRS takes no responsibility when it delays and doesn't hold up its end.  No interest is given to the people but when the people are delayed or can't hold up their end, the people are made to make amends by paying interest.  Let's face it the people who filed early need their $$$ early.  Just a thought for those that complain about the complaining on here.
    • I checked through "Where's my Refund" and got a response that their is a delay and I should get my refund on the 14th.
    • I was accepted on the 17th - got a DD date of the 25th, changed to the 31st, then after I called twice the IRS says "still in processing". I am coming up on 3 weeks in a few days and the IRS said NOT to call back until then. I just want to know how it goes from "accepted and here is a rough estimate of a date" to "still processing".
    • get real are absolutely right. We live in a microwave society. Everyone wants everything done immediately. These people who have starved to death in the days when you paper-filed and got your return in June!!
    • I also filed on 1/22 and was shown a date for Feb 1 to receive my refund. I'm angry because when the Irs takes that money out of our checks they are always on time. Why should I have to wait for them to get off there behinds and return money that is mine already. I have a friend who filed a whole week after mine and received there refund on the Feb 1. and on top of that I'm not getting half of what I paid them back when i know people who are getting more than half of what they paid back.
    IRS Direct Deposits returns on FRIDAY'S. It has always been that way with my refund. And it typically isn't there first thing in the morning. It is a bank wire, not a Direct Deposit like your paycheck. If your going to get it, it will be there by Noon on a Friday.
    • No, it's not just deposited on Friday...people have been getting theirs at all times.
    • i didnt get mine..i filed the 19th..weird thing is girlfriend filed hers a week later! and she has already received her payment
    • still no deposit i guess one more week!! i filed on the 6th got accepted on the 17th!!
    • Dang, Yall i still aint got my refund and the fellar 2 trailers down from mine got his and he done did his a week after mines? whats the deal IRS
    • Hope everyone gets their refunds this weekend.  I also remember back when we could only mail our forms in and wait for that brown envelope to arrive in our mailbox... no DDs, electronic filings, nada, and it took 6 to 8 weeks to come.
    • Just because Turbotax gave you a projected date to receive your refund that does not guarantee that the IRS will process it with the same importance. It's not Turbotax to blame for sure. I've used them for 5 years and they hit that projected date by a few days difference every time. Last year I even received one a week ahead of schedule. You wouldn't get your money any faster if you had gone into a H&R block or Jackson Hewitt.

      btw, love the comment a couple up from mine... "they guy 2 trailers down from me". Wonder if he's still on dial-up?
    • well i filed my return on Jan 13th. it was accepted by turbo tax on the 17th, and then accepted by the IRS on the 18th. My projected due date was Jan 25th at first then they pushed it back to Jan 31st, now my projected date is now Feb 7th. When I go to WMR it is still proccessing. But my girlfriend filed a week later than me and WMR is saying her refund will be deposited on FEB 6th. My concern is am I one of the ones thats gonna be aduited just because I filed early this year.
    • It's seems that everyone very upset with the IRS, which they should be,, we all work very hard for our money,and when you pay to get it back sooner, and don't someone should be accountable ...just like if we be late in paying our taxes we pay for that.
    • Hello,
      talked to a rep today...I was accepred on thr 20th..DD on the 1rst...that did not now it is the 8th. For all who filed before the will be delayed 1 your taxes earlier get late get screwed....what is with this? I do however think turbo tax should refund a percentage for this...5-or 10%. We did pay for a service and are not getting what we paid for.
      My friends all used HR Block and have all gotten their money back alrady. I will still use turbo tax...but come least do something....I am trying to save my home...everyday that goes by is making that harder to do.
    • Ok people!  First of all Turbo Tax is not at all to blame!  It helps us file our taxes and sends them to the IRS.  Usually if you have a pretty simple return then the IRS will accept your Federal Return within 2 to 3 days.  Ok after we file with Turbo Tax and send it to the IRS it is out of Turbo Tax's hands.  I mean what do you think a person from turbo tax is going to call the IRS and say "make sure that all one million of our customers get their refunds within in seven days!"  Really people come on if you think that your delayed refund is Turbo Tax's fault then why dont you try filing by mail and see how long it takes.  No one except the IRS can grant you your refund money so blaming Turbo Tax isnt going to do you any good.  I also havent gotten my refund yet either.  And i need mine just as bad as the rest of you do but by calling the IRS every day and asking them is just making them more busy which in turn will make our refund's get here even slower.  I heard about a month ago that everyone should expect delays with their tax refund this year.  I dont know why it's happening but i know i heard about it on tv.  Anyways it will happen you will get your money.  Oh and by the way the IRS only deposit's refunds on Friday's.  It may say that it's pending in your account but it will not be deposited until Friday of that week.  They have been doing this for as long as i can remember and ive been filing taxes for 20 years and my mom has been doing them even longer and she said the same thing.  So if your looking for your refund wait till a Friday because that's when they get deposited.  I love Turbo Tax.  I have tried other places and they are not nearly as easy or helpful as turbo tax.  Turbo tax makes it so easy my five year old could probably do it!  Thank you Turbo Tax for making my life easier!!  Ive been using your service for the last 10 years and i wouldnt go anywhere else!!
      : )
    I read an article that the irs is having issues with the fraud filters newly installed in their database, anyone who e-filed and was accepted after Jan 28th is ok, any earlier filers will see 3-4 week delays.
    • i got my refund on the due date of today and i got my fees deducted from return all i can say the wait was worth it!!!!!!! WWWWOOOHHHOOO
    • I am waiting too same thing happened last year..... decided from now on i will file more deductions and pay in.  then i will know what to expect i am single and middle class with no deductions and seems like people like me get screwed the most. i will give irs no more loans.
    • My taxes were accepted the 1/19 with a projected deposit date of 2/1 and still nothing. I'm thinking the IRS picks the smallest returns first and then goes up not thinking we all file as quick as possible to get back asap. Most of us need back as quick as we can to pay of bills and local taxes. I have been using Turbo Tax for the last 4 years and would recommend to all my friends! And I have never waited this long for my deposit!
    • i have had expected date of DD from WMR of feb7th for last two weeks--now this morning (sunday) WNF is saying you will recieve refund with six weeks--WTF is that? could they be updating as it is sunday ?HELP!!!!
    • For the past 5 or so years I have used Turbo Tax and I have been very satisfied but along many other people I this is the first time I have ever been disappointed. This will not stop me from using Turbo Tax though. Nothing is perfect only taxes are certain, if we have to wait a few more days so be it we waited a year for it so whats a few more days.
    • I have been using turbo tax for years and never had any problems. I am an accountant and I get updates from the IRS all the time, and there was a statement that stated that returns were being delayed this year by a week. I filed my daughters and her boyfriends return on the 18th and their estimated return date was the 1st of Feb. I knew then that they would not get the return on a wednesday, I figured it would show up on Friday which the boyfriends did, my dughters did not it is sitting in the bank account though with a release date of the 6th which is Monday. If Turbo Tax is giving u a release date that is not a Monday or Friday don't expect on that date. For some people it is taking an extra week to get their return. I understand that u all want your money when they say, but give them a break your return isn't the only return being processed.
    • I filed my taxes on the 23rd and it was accepted on the 24th. My DD is the 14th of February. My uncle filed his on the 28th and already got his back. Our government is just trying to screw us again this time delaying our income tax refunds! Gee, it sure would be nice if Barack Obummer would have added a $20,000 stimulus on top of our regular refund...
    • Did not receive my refund on the 3rd as was stated from IRS....IRS then said the 7th and now it shows the 8th and wait till the 13th before contacting them.....Thats almost a whole month on a E-File.........Completely unacceptable......I also am still having issues that I brought up to Turboo tax about getting my taxes printed and saved and it keeps coming up that the file is corrupted..........My computer has no issues loading anything else and is up to date with everything yet still the same problem.........I am starting to think Turbotax sent the IRS E-Files of our taxes that had issues since it seems hundreds or more of us are having issues gettting our refunds.....
      I have contacted Turbo tax regarding this and they cannot reslove the printing issue and act like I am a 5-year old that has never done it before.........I have used Turbo tax the last five years with no issues untill now and it seems Turbo tax has lots of problems now if you look at all the unhappy customers that paid for a service and are not getting the service we paid for......Another unhappy Turbo tax customer.....
    • Our taxes were accepted on the 24th our WMR date has changed a couple times, it now says it's scheduled to be deposited on the 8th which is a wednesday so i'm still confused on what days they dd. everyone says something different?????
    • My husband and I have been using Turbo Tax as far back as I can remember.  And it so happens when you go up on the IRS website and do the Where is my refund thing usually it is almost right on the money.  Mine is due into my account tomorrow.  I can almost count on it.
    • My deposit was supposed to be in my account today. It is not. It has been accurate in the past, does not seem to be this year.
    • Yeah I did my taxes on the 18th and got accepted that same day it gave me dd of the 28th and then it said it was schedule to direct deposit on feb 3 and still didn't get and now it say wait six weeks after acceptance. Oo
    • Hey! I did my husband and I taxes and submitted them on January 24th and we RECEIVED ours on February 1st! Not sure what the hold up could be with yours but maybe they found an error or something. Just be patient, they are working it out!
    • IT IS NOT TURBO TAX!!! You didn't pay Turbo Tax to get your money sooner. You would've paid any other "TAX PREPARATION" service, and THAT is exactly what you are paying for- not to get your money sooner. You could've filed by paper and not paid a dime but the stamp to send it. Then, you'd be waiting - the past few years has been 3-4 weeks. Anyway, you're paying for the guarantee of the largest refund and the convenience of filing online along with audit support. This is all the IRS and the antiquated or untested policies in place. Turbo Tax DOESN'T OWE ANYONE A DIME!!! What is it with this apathetic generation?!?! I want it now, and you OWE it to me. No, do your homework before you sound stupid by opening your mouth. COME ON, PEOPLE!
      I remember filing by paper and anxiously awaiting that brown envelope- those were the days. It came so late, ya almost forgot about it, and boy, was it a pleasant surprise!
    • what the cramp?  does our goverment really think they can do whatever they want seams like it too me tired of this cramp i filled on the 1st  what im suppost to wait six weeks to get mine back guess what wen turbo tax said we can get ur taxes back in 7 to 10 days i was counting on that  ask arround no one else except turbo tax is having problems with refunds wonder if it was something or somehow the way they e filed our taxes im going to call my local state senent and get to the bottom of this im sure not going to pay another 60 dollors for someone else to do my taxes
    • what i dont understand is my mother did her taxes a week afther me and she already has her refund and im still here waiting on irs to get there crappy act togther. I was aproved  2weeks ago. you would think since all these years of taxing everyone they could have there method of geting people there refund on time done fast and easy but I guess thats what we get for being born in this world. dont go without paying your taxes on time and they send mean letters and phone calls your way but we as people cant do anything about there bs , and reason as to y they are so behind with money they owe us!!!just sayin
    • I will never never ever use turbo tax again!!!!!! I filed before my wife she already got her return. I filed on the 22 Jan.
    • Anyone that had the 2/8 dd date get an update on SBbT
    • I filed my taxes on 31 of Jan and still haven't received mines and they gave me a dd of 7th of Feb and still nothing it's still in processing status with the IRS.. & when i called they tld me the anticipated date is the 24th for that i cloud have mailed it n. Is there anyone else who filed there's around that same date and haven't received there's?
    • Two returns were filed on 1/31. They were accepted late that night.  Funds to pay for filing just got deducted today from both accounts.  Website still shows no data of it even being acknowledged.  It seems that people who filed on 1/30 and 1/31 are running two weeks behind.   So far folks who filed through HRBLOCK program have had NO PROBLEMS at all.  Its Turbo Tax.  There also business's who use Turbo program ...the same thing!

      Its very frustrating for folks who need this money this time of the year.  There are constant debt collectors burning up peoples phones because they know its tax season and making threats to people.  Gas has jumped way up because its tax season.  Its rediculous!
    • I filed on 2/2 and when I check IRS website (wmr) it says nothing is there and they have no information. my taxes were accepted the same day, how long does it take to update there site.
    • we filed and got accepted on 1-23 and monday WMR said DD for 2-7. Today it says it is still processing and we haven't gotten the $. I just called the # I was given and entered my extension and it said they couldn't take my call and hung up!  Is this happening to anyone else?
    • STOP Complaining!  I do not the IRS to say forget it and mail them all out in June again!!!!  I know you want it when they say but that is just a GUIDELINE.  Really people!
    • On the phone with the IRS right now regarding CODE 9011. Mr. Roach is who I spoke with. He asked me to verify my information after doing so he told me to hold. He came back and asked the day I filed which was 1/30/2012. Then he put me on hold again and said he would be right back.At this point i have been on the call for 37 minutes When he came back he said everything was fine with my tax return. They are really backed up this year and he said since I was in the second week I should have only week left so I should have it next week. I have seen other posts where people said they were rude, but luckily i got a really friendly guy.
      Also he told me that last year they sent out returns ONLY ON FRIDAY. But this year they changed refund systems and they can direct deposit Monday thru Friday NOW! Hope this helps!!!!
    • I e-filed on Jan 22nd it was accepted on Jan 24th...the IRS website stated that I should get my federal return on Feb 7th...well no money has been deposited, now it states that I'll be getting it within 6 weeks of the accepted date......WTH?  I got it direct deposited.....I have already recieved and spent my state return......Geez as if the Federal Government does not screw up enough!!!!  I have called two different numbers the first was automated only...the second was having heavy call volume and I should try back later or the next day!  So I don't know what is going on!
    • All of you who say you "paid" to have your money direct deposited, you are wrong.  You paid TurboTax so you could pay you filing fees with them, and they charge a fee to have it come out of your tax refund.  If you didn't know that, you should've read the fine print under that option.

      Also, look at this table if you're interested when you should expect your refunds
    • IRS accepted my refund on 01/28 and I got a due date of 02/08 from Turbo Tax; then when I check WMR is stated by 02/14 and then had me a call an 800#. called the number and rep stated that it was still in processing and my 3 weeks would by 02/18, so hopefully I should have by then. When I check WMR, it states it has no information. So I dont know what's going...I dont blame Turbo Tax, I have using them for years and I very satisfied. Anyone with similar situation??
    • I filed my income with TURBO TAX ON 1/23/2012 & According to the IRS & TURBO TAX, I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN IT ON FEBRUARY 1/2012.  OKAY I understand human error, but here we are FEBRUARY 8, 2012 & nothing is in my bank.  According to the my return was electronically direct deposit on FEBRUARY 1, 2012.  When I called the IRS the Automated system said it was electronically deposit on FEBRUARY 1, 2012.  
      THIS IS PERBATEM FROM THE IRS.GOV WEBSITE, "Your tax refund was direct deposited on February 1, 2012.  If your refund is not credited to your account by February 6, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.  Please wait until February 6, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then."

      I did call my bank on the 6th of February & spoke to a very nice gentleman & I told him the IRS states they deposited my Tax Return on the 1st.  Here we are the 6th & I still don’t see anything posted.  He also took a look on there side & he said I don’t see anything either!  I was like okay I really appreciate your research & he state I appreciate you understanding.

      I can’t check with Turbo Tax after it says live chat you have to open like 10 window’s before you get into a waiting list of me being the 59 person in queue!!!!!

      Never, ever did I ever have had a problem with TURBO TAX I was so satisfied for many, many, but I don’t think I am ever going to use them again, there are so many more competitors out there that would love our support!!!!!

    This is not a Turbo Tax issue, The IRS had a 48 hr system blackout which knocked everyone's DD, Acceptance, Precessing, etc.. you name it ! Back a minimum of 1 week. Most people who have not received their return are being informed that the IRS system will not be able to issue checks or DD until 02/21. I have seen issues in the past that have been Turbo Tax related but I can assure you that many people I know are getting the same info from the IRS who filed through H&R.
      I filed and was accepted Feb 1. Today, the WMR status has changed to say that I should receive a direct deposit to my account on Feb. 15th. I will keep you updated to whether I receive it or not.
      i dont know if ths will help anyone but everyone seems to be having a problem finding ut thier estimated dd date... i was on wheres my refund and it said it couldnt find my info so i thought i put in wrong i went into my print and file tab and hit the view and save mytax return..and right there was a letter from tt saying the irs accepted my return and it should be dd on 2/15/2012..see if it works for you i feel better now cuz i was going crazy cuz i couldnt get any info from wheres my refund
      • wow!!Thanx Prince,,finally some useful info!!feel a little better now,,they had originally said our DD date was somewhere between the 9th-12th of Feb. since we filed on the 2nd,,imagine our dismay when the funds weren't there,,we thought something was wrong..but i followed your advice and looked it up,,and it is expected on the15th..i do agree Turbo Tax is awesome,,but i do agree they need to make certain info more accessible,,you SHOULD NOT have to dig to find important info like that ,,i am a patient person by nature,,and usually very aware of the rule of CYOA,,(COVER YOUR OWN A$$)),,but there are some folks who were counting on this money for bills,,maybe that wasn't the best idea,,however it may have been the ONLY IDEA,,people are having it hard,,and the IRS isn't delaying it by months or i would say they would need to pay US INTEREST the same as we pay when our taxes are late,,but now they get to see what it is like having US the people on their backs,,it sux,,eeehh IRS,,remember that in the future..
      • My taxes are delayed as well. I filed on the 29th, had a due date of Feb 7th. Still nothing and IRS is saying it will be the 21st of Feb. ITS NOT TURBO TAX, its the IRS. It also has nothing to due with Obama, do you think he's sitting in the IRS office filling out tax returns. Sheesh.
      • Well, I woke up this morning, and my refund was there. Funny. They said it would be there on the 14th, and it was..Go figure
      • Well I've had so far 2 dds 2/8 and today 2/14. Have had the 9001 code for 21/2 weeks now. Still no refund. I know the dates are just guildlines but it ticks me off to see people that have filed a week to 2 weeks after me getting there refunds already.  Happy Freakin V-Day IRS choke on a candy heart lol.
      • My mom filed Jan 23 from Turbo Tax. WMR said she would have it on Feb 6th. She got her refund DD into her account on Feb 1st, which was a Wed! 7 days after she filed. She filed before the 28th and had no problems. I filed my taxes on Feb 2 using TT. As of today, 12 days later, WMR cannot tell me anything about my return. Not sure what the reason is, but TT has nothing to do with it. I also heard people filing before the 28th were expected to have delays. My mom didnt, So im not sure what is up with that either. All we can do is sit back and hold tight. They did say IRS will let you know if something isnt right. TT said my projected date to hit my bank account was Feb 15th. Ill check the bank tomorrow, but either way, all I can do is be patient. Good luck everyone!
      • mine is sposed to be there today too,,so far,,SBBT isnt showing anything..guess we'll see eehh B??keep us informed would ya..
      • So far nothing, BUT I came across this schedule, an IRS Projection on Refunds. Its as follows:

        IRS accepts your                                 Projected Direct                  Projected Paper
        return between…                                Deposit Sent*                      Check Mailed*

        Jan 13 and Jan 19, 2012                  Jan 26, 2012                       Jan 30, 2012

        Jan 20 and Jan 26, 2012                  Feb 2, 2012                         Feb 6, 2012

        Jan 27 and Feb 2, 2012                    Feb 9, 2012                         Feb 13, 2012

        Feb 3 and Feb 9, 2012                      Feb 16, 2012                       Feb 20, 2012

        Feb 10 and Feb 16, 2012                 Feb 23, 2012                       Feb 27, 2012

        Feb 17 and Feb 23, 2012                 Mar 1, 2012                          Mar 5, 2012

        Feb 24 and Mar 1, 2012                    Mar 8, 2012                          Mar 12, 2012

        Mar 2 and Mar 8, 2012                      Mar 15, 2012                        Mar 19, 2012

        Mar 9 and Mar 15, 2012                    Mar 22, 2012                        Mar 26, 2012

        Mar 16 and Mar 22, 2012                 Mar 29, 2012                         Apr 2, 2012

        * This is the projected date that the refund will be direct deposited or mailed.
        It may take up to 5 additional days for the financial institution to post the
        refund to your account, or for mail delivery.

        this dates go one till the end of the year, but I didnt post those. I also read that the Deposit wont be until 11 AM on the dates posted. So I will wait a few more hours and check back...if nothing Ill call the IRS and find out whats going on, and hopefully get some answers. Ill let you all know if I find anything out!

        (I tried to fix the columns, but it wouldnt allow me to space them out) Heres the Website I got the info from:
      • Bgrant, yea we can all pretty much print that schedule out and wipe out butt's with it cuz that thing is WAY off! lol
      • ha ha, I know! On the other hand, some people have gotten their returns on time just as the schedule advised, so there may be some glimmer of hope for some! lol
      • I have worked for H&R Block the last 2 years.  We have the schedule the IRS puts out of the dates you can expect your money.  Last year it was exactly the dates printed on the form.  This year I have the same form, but my money is not here.  Is it turbo tax?  Not sure I will use it next year either and I do taxes for a lot of friends!!!!!!1
      • I didnt get my refund deposited today, WMR still doesnt know anything anything and I called the IRS and I cannot get thru. Ive been reading alot on different posts, and pretty much everyone is getting their return, just 3 to 4 weeks after again, good luck everyone, im just gonna sit back and be patient...all I can do!
      • Does anyone know why I keep receiving an error message when trying to use the "where's my refund" link? I double checked all of my info and there are no errors. I e-filed on Feb 5th and was crossing my fingers that my refund would hit today, Feb 15th (according to the 2012 refund schedule) but it didn't (not that I really expected it to!). I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered any issues with the where's my refund link as I have?
      • This is an IRS update dated 2/10/12 regarding  the broken WMR page:,,id=96596,00.html
      • My refund has not arrived...but that's OK. I'm rich and I want a puppy.
      • well im not rich, and I want a puppy too! :) lol Glad to see there still some humor through all this frustration!
      • I  just want to say that it's the IRS that's holding up people taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • It seems to be happening to most people. I filed on the 3rd, expected refund date of the 15th and now WMR says expected date is the 28th. I wish the IRS would make up their mind....
      • My refund is late as well. What upsets me about this is that I paid 30 dollars to get it electronically posted, so it would get here faster.
      • Again, at least you people are getting DATES!! I am getting NOTHING!! NO INFO AT ALL!! THIS IS BS!! I filed on 2/4!!!!
      • TheWaitingGame is going to stroke out.  Dude,  I filed on the 2nd.  I have no information and from the looks of things, alot of people do not.  Hitting refresh on TurboTax is not going to get you anywhere.  It will come.  Back away from the keyboard.  Slowly.  It will be okay.
      • HAHAHA! Good one Oops! Yea it's very frustating! I do believ it will come next wed-fri sometime, i just like getting worked up over things lol!
      " Our new telephone hours of operation are 7am to 7pm, local time. Please disregard any reference to our 7am to 10pm operating hours. We will update our systems with the new information very soon. Thank you.

      If you filed electronically, you should expect a refund to be issued 10 – 21 days after the IRS accepts the return. Please do not call our toll-free number as our representatives cannot provide further information before processing is complete nor expedite processing. You may continue to check this website for the latest refund information. The information at this website contains the same information provided on our automated telephone application."
      • First of all, all of you people, that are posting the exact same thing (E.G. "I filed on yadda yadda, and was supposed to get my money on yadda yadda"), should learn by now, that there are always going to be delays, when having to deal with a govt. establishment. You all sound shocked, and surprised. A real simple rule of thumb for posting on forums, is to read through the topic at hand FIRST, and then IF YOUR QUESTION WASN'T ASKED/ANSWERED ALREADY, then post up. Another decent hint, would be to scroll to the bottom, and read upwards (most recent questions/answers are sometimes at the bottom)

        All of you people complaining, bitching, moaning, boo-hooing, etc should all be ashamed of yourself. If you have children, what are you teaching them? That even at an older age, you can throw a temper tantrum?


        Well, it's not coming now, and you'll get it, when you get it. Quit whining.

        Whining, and bitching that you need this money, is not going to make it come faster, nor will it fall in the lap of anyone that cares, other than yourself.

        You're not the only one(s) that could use a little cash right now. I have my own "tale of woe", that is no different than yours, his, hers, or theirs.  Trust me, I could use the refund right now, but I am content in knowing that it will be here sometime this month. I'm certainly not going to go on an internet forum, where ANYONE can read it, and spout to the world that my entire life right now, hangs in the balance of a few thousand dollars. Does your life really hang in the balance without that cash? Really? Well, what can you do about it? Not a damn thing. There's a quote from "Cheech & Chong's Next Movie" that I would like to use right now. "Damn, if it doesn't get here soon, I'm gonna have to wait longer".

        Complaining here, will not get you your refund faster.
        Calling the IRS will not get you your refund faster.
        Just because you need it, will not get you your refund faster

        Get over yourself. You're not THAT entitled.
      • Wow... I don't understand why this thread is bothering so many people. I for one am watching in case new info pops up I don't know about. This thread has kept me from calling the IRS and worrying about refunds. If you don't like it start your own thread about not liking it and stay out of this one! No its not Turbo Tax fault but without these posts how would one know this? Please keep posting your comments it helps more people than you think. Isn't this what this forum is here for?
      • I just got off phone with IRS too and they said same thing. Their fraud filters have delayed processing of returns by at least a week.  I thought I would get my refund tomorrow, 2/10 but the operator said 3-4 weeks from date of filing and couldnt give me any further info.
      • My boyfreind and I both filed on the same day, I recieved my refund on the date indicated by IRS via email, however my boyfriend didn't recieve his. Both were filed electronically, both were sumitted the same day.  Could it be that there is a delay in the system?  time mangement? Isn't there a a website that has a tracking device for taxes (rather than being put on hold at a 1800 number).  Just some questions that come to mind for those who get stuck with the same question.  I know this is far from being Turbo Tax fault, its simply IRS and playing by their rules (Govt).  Well I hope and pray things come through.  I wish ya'll luck!  And Turbo Tax, I will still use your services in years to come, just keep our suggestions open for those who have questions.
      • This issue is NOT new. I have used TT for 5 years now. Generally like it for ease of use, however, every year there is a delay of some sort by the IRS and every year...we get some ridiculous date 2 weeks past the original date (which obviously is very frustrating) and every year it comes in at least a week to 10 days earlier than the ridiculous date.
        I DO blame the IRS for the delays, however, I hold TT ultimately responsible for keeping me THEIR CUSTOMER updated on the status of any changes or delays in my refund status. As someone here stated previously, there is NO shortage of emails begging for me to hurry and file my taxes with TT, yet there have been NONE notifying me of a change in refund date or offering to ease my concerns.
        There certainly is not enough hours in the day either for me to play Columbo on this site and try to find a way to speak to an actual Human as advertised.
        Again, I have been a TT customer for 5 years, and I have griped about the same issue for 5 years, but TT you need to Perk Up and Pay Attention...because I promise that next year my business will be taken elsewhere in search of good old fashioned "Customer Service". Now I know that you there at "TurboTax" do not know what this customer service thing is...but since you are already on the internet...just google it.
      • You people complaining about not getting your refund as quickly as you want need to go back to your jobs and change your W-4's to where they won't take out so much in taxes to where you are due a refund and the extra money that stays on your check put it in a savings account and then during tax time you will have already recieved most of your refund and you won't have to complain about needing money.
      • Hey smiles how about instead The IRS and FED can pay me the interest they are recieving on MY money and pay it out quarterly, but the point trying to be made here is none of us should include a tax return as part of our monthly budget, if that's the way you want it, then like smiles said change your w-4 and get no refund, just take it every week on your paycheck.
      • i think this may be more of a TURBO TAX issue then people think.. or more like... you filed with TURBO TAX and you are going slower because of that.

        i was accepted on the 30th and i was told i was supposed to get it on the 7th... well the IRS list was different then Turbo TAX and it said the 10th.. ts now the 11th and i still have not gotten it.

        i know 4 people from work.. (one using TURBO TAX, one HR BLOCK, one TAXACT, and one using a local service)
        The TAX ACT guy filed same day as me and he got his refund on the 5th.
        The HnR Block person filed a day after me and got theirs back on the 9th
        The local person got his back in like 4 days
        but the two TURBO TAX guys are still lingering past their due dates when everyone else got theirs before the due dates.

        you say its not a turbo tax issue... i say the evidence that you are wrong is slapping you in the face.
      • I don't agree Bajungadustin,

        Here is my experience:

        Mom filed from TT got her refund in 6 DAYS
        Aunt filed with H&R Block and is still waiting for her return after 3 week
        I filed through TT I am still waiting

        I think the delay is RANDOM and not specific to any one Tax provider.
      • I get that we are waiting on the IRS but TurboTax should NOT advertise 5-7 business days. Still waiting. and annoyed
      • It is Both the IRS AND TURBO TAX, the IRS installed the fraud software too late before having a chance to debug it and also the IRS notified ALL e-file providers of a new version software they were using and most all updated except turbo tax, now the refunds are coming in half assed. Then having to be finished by hand instead of in the system, yea the IRS sucks but Turbo Tax is wrong here and should refund us 1/2 for the inconvience.
      • I have used tt since 99 and I have never had a problem. This year has been different. People keep saying the irs had problems with their fraud filter OKAY, well my question is have they fixed their problem? Especially since I filed on the Feb. 3rd and accepted the same day and no one, not even the irs can pull anything up on my status.
      I'm ashamed that I even had some expectation of government competence.  If you guys really want to avoid this treatment via the federal government, I suggest you start voting for individuals that are against tax theft by coercion. We are taught to not steal, lie, and kill as children yet we seem to forget or refute these principles as adults (taxation = theft, politicians = lie, military interventionism = death to innocent civilians).  Liberty minded statesmen, like Ron Paul, would end the federal government leviathan thus enabling all federal taxation to be ended.  Government functions would be returned to the states, as stated in the Constitution, were there would be less wasteful spending and tax theft.  If we continue to rely on the federal government, it will become insolvent with debt and instead of not having our tax money returned on time we will see all functions of government follow suite.  Thanks for your time and please choose freedom over the false comfort of statism.  This vid will further explain:
      • I just want to say (hello, good day) to people that want to make a political football out of the delay. I do not need you (fine gentle people) on this board , (I hope you have a great day) No one here (something not nice) about your political leanings, we just wonder what has happened to our refund. (So I bid you a good day, and wish you the best of luck with your taxes.)

        (Moderator Edit by TurboTaxCurtis)
      • Instead of repeating "where is my tax return" for the 30th time, I was simply offering a solution to the frustrating problem facing all of us  There really is nothing "political" nor partisan about freedom and human dignity, as it is a condition derived from our Creator or our humanity ( if you prefer). Anyway, good luck to all as far as getting closure with our IRS dealings.  I hope one day we can learn to take care of one another with peace, love, and charity without the aggression and division of forced taxation and its inherent fallacies.
      • My taxes were accepted by the irs on 1/31 and i use turbo tax every year and have for the last 8 years, never had a problem. I'm still waiting for mine!! The IRS tells me they delayed mine until the 21st and if I dont have them by the 26th THEN i can complain lol. I was supposed to have them Feb. 8th. All my co-workers use this system since we get a discount and some of them got theirs a week before they should have, I do use the deductions as i have a house etc... so I think the IRS just picks and chooses who they will delay and TURBO TAX is not to blame... yes I'm very annoyed as i had plans to get my car fixed but I WILL be using TURBO TAX next year :)
      • I submitted my taxes on Jan 23, they were accepted Jan 24th and I still have not received them. The date says Feb 21st.  I have used Turbo Tax forever and will continue to use them. It's not their fault the gov't isnt sending the money right out.