My refund was accepted feb 17, when will my refund be deposited?

the irs site says they have my return and are processing it. as of today.
    according to irs its kind of a luck of the draw whose goes through on time and whose gets stuck in processing there are many people who filed in january and early february who still haven't recieved theirs due to processing delays. The WMR is not accurate and should be ignored they said. They also said they are trying to get everyone's out in 21 days, but to add an extra week to that should yours get caught in processing. if you want specifics on your personal situation call 18008290582 ext 362...15-20 minute wait and you will talk to a live irs person who can access your personal info.
    • Okay, so if the WMR says a certain date that is not correct?  I am still waiting on ours also.  What days do they deposit?  It says ours was to be deposited on Tuesday and we still do not have it.
    • I filed mine Jan 20th, accepted Jan 24th from Federal, and my status is still "processing" This is absolutely ridiculous, and I feel we shouldnt have to pay the filing fee if weve waited longer than a month. IN MY CASE ATLEAST!!!!!
    • I filed on Feb 17. Checked WMR everyday. Only on Feb 23 did it say refund is expected to be deposited on Feb 28. I;ve been using TT for the past 6 years and this is a first. This is not a TT problem it is a IRS issue. TT cannot do anything to resolve. So stop blaming them people, they sent it over and it's now with our government.
    • I filed on 2/2/12...finally received a dd date of 2/ good luck they are very slow this year
    • i was lucky. i got my federal refund quickly. within a week.  i am waiting for the state now....

      how do i check when my state refund is coming?
    • can google your state tax by entering your state plus refund and it should pop up something you can go to to check it...
      My husband and I filed joint...last week we checked wmr and received message saying to be dd on feb 21...then I checked under my ss# and it said dd of feb 28...this morning I checked wmr and it said as long as it was correct and accurate should receive in approx six weeks...checked this afternoon and now it is saying I have put in wrong who knows what is going on or when it will be dd...I have went to the sbbt website and yesterday all it said was IRS has not deposited it says my dd date was the 15th of feb and the IRS may be delayed?!?!?!?!?!?
    • I have received  my state refund but not my federal. If the news is correct about the amount of money the government has  we may not ever get it. they probably dont have the money to send out the refunds. I dont think that turbo tax is the problem
    • I filed mines on feb 6th I checked where is refund and at 1st it said I would have it by the 28th, I checked it again this week then that changed to march 6th. This is ridiculious
    • Mine was accepted feb 1 and I still havent received anything still says processing!! I guess I will have to call next weeks to see whats up!
    • Just do not know what is going on it has been 27 days...NO FEDERAL..NO STATE...REFUND...NO NOTTHING....HAD PLANS TO TRAVEL....JUST HOME NOW.
    • im just trying to figure out what part of "there is processing delays" you people dont seem to understand...
      i figured if my 17 year old neighboor can understand that concept and wait patiently with out pouting like a school girl
      that the adults here would be able to do the same.. guess i was wrong
      so.. to clear things up..
      1.) you will get your money
      2.) posting and emailing and calling the irs doesnt help at all
      3.) honestly if you called me asking about it and i worked for the irs id be sure to make yours take as long as possible
      4.) so that being said STFU and wait theres is nothing you can do to make your refund come any faster you can go ahead and post and call them everyday ill even bet my whole refund that it doesnt help what so ever

      Man that felt good your all so damn childish i had to vent
      Ps. F anyone who disagrees with me ;)
    • Would u even comment and say that now u sound stupid and u need to stfu cuz if u dont wanna see nobody talk about wats going on wet get the off and go and find u something else.
    • UPDATE: Taxes filed FEb10th accepted the 12th, got a expected date of Feb21st, DD date of Feb 27th, was in my account at midnight... Good Luck all>> this was thru turbo tax..
    • FINALLY received my refund in my account this morning !  Filed 2/4 accepted same day.  Kept getting the no info msg on wmr until just a few days ago when it told me my scheduled DD would be 2/27.  Today is 2/25 and it's in my bank !  Keep the faith guys.  The refunds are really going out :)
    • My daughter checked and it said that her federal return was deposited about 3 weeks ago, yet the money is not actually there.  The bank did an audit to make sure the money was not somehow entered into a different account.  She has received her state return, so the information should be correct.  Has anyone else had this problem?
    • The first time I checked WMR I was told that I would receive my direct deposit on February 28. When I checked back a week later, the date had been changed to February 21. However unfortunately the money was not there on February 21 and as of today February 25 I still have not received my refund; WMR is still saying that I will receive my refund on Feburary 21.

      Good news us that I did receive my state refund on February 22, which is fast for the State; it took about 10 days. I've never received my state refund before receiving my Federal. Maybe I'll receive my Federal refund on the 28th as originally stated!
    Keep tracking the status on the Where's My Refund site. It tends to change frequently.
      Mine was accepted on February 16 and I was given the date of February 27 for it to be deposited. Check for yours on the 28th or before the end of next week.
      • Well, good luck. Mines was excepted on Feb 3rd and I havent recieved ANYTHING from Federal!
      Nothing was messed up with your acceptance.  If you read the post above with the announcement from the IRS, you would have seen that they had problems with processing returns filed 2/2 through 2/7, so it's not surprising that people who filed after that have their refunds
      • then would this not be false advertising by turbo tax...." recieve your return in ***7 DAYS****when you EFILE with turbo tax" getting very annoyed here as well.
      • You can check your refund status on and click on wheres my refund I filed on Feb 16, and they say mine should be deposited Feb 28, It's been accurate in the past so I don't think there will be any problems so you should expect your about the same time. The people who filed in January and the first week of February had delays due to the fact so many people filed and it over loaded there systems but for all that waited  have not had any problems.
      • I was accepted FEB 05. two weeks later I IRS website showed a DD for FEB 22. Nothing yet but it does say to give til FEB 27 before contacting IRS. I went  and called my bank and they said to check routing number. Bank of America has three different routing number for my state (Wire transfer / Direct deposit / Check order); I am sure I entered the correct one I also called them to verify it. I online chat with Turbo Tax and I was told that none of the numbers I provided was in their system for direct deposit. I asked Turbo Tax online chat Rep to give me the information showing as routing number and they said because privacy issue could not. So I contacted the IRS and after a 50 minute wait was told my Refund was Direct Deposited on Feb 22. I asked the guy at the IRS to verify routing number, he checked but didn't exactly tell me if it was correct (WHY ASK and check). The IRS guy said to wait a few more sometimes the bank rejects direct deposit due to some error, and that the bank have the rights to reject a direct deposit.  INTERESTING. So I will be writing to both TURBO TAX and the IRS to verify the so call routing issue and they can not deny me my rights to my personal information (They will give it to other in a quick motion). I recommend people to check on routing number. As I told turbo tax if this is something done to delay my refund cause I wouldn't have entered another number.
      I filed on Feb 6 and WMR said we would have refund by 2/21. No refund to date. However, on today it says our DD (direct deposit) will be 2/29 - a brand new message. So if your message doesn't  give a DD date then you won't see your return until then.  I will update you all when I get the actual DD. This has been a crazy ride and still my friends who filed through H&R Block 4 days AFTER me has been enjoying their return since last Saturday. Somehow we were messed up during the acceptance with IRS. NEVER will I use Turbo Tax again!
        TurboTax has no access to your banking information.  WE cannot repeat it to you in any case.  You, however, can open your return and go back through the print and file tab to see what you entered.
        • I filed on the 10th, IRS accepted on the 11th. WMR first said on or before Feb 28th, last Wednesday I checked again and it changed to March 6th. I googled the irs refund cycle calendar and im wondering if it is accurate or not. If so I should have gotten my refund last Wednesday when I check and the date changed. Maybe they don't have money?!?! Tonight I just checked and it doesn't even give a date. Just says Your tax return has been received and is being processed.

          If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund will be issued:
          within six weeks of the received date

          Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions?
        • good luck, i filed 2/4 n havent received mine yet, have date for today thou, hopefully it hits my account today
        • Well This is an update of my so call Direct D. I just spoke with IRS and was told bank rejected DD. She was unable to see on her system reason why but since my previews talk with an online Turbo Tax rep. I was told the routing number on there system was not one I gave for them to verify. INTERESTING!!! So now I have to request turbo tax document in writing because of privacy issues.  And to the person that stated I can log in and view bank information on turbo account that is incorrect. As far as information I have a document that shows DD but it does not provide the bank information I entered. And yes Turbo Tax is able to see this information because I had someone verify the routing I gave and compare it to the one on my turbo tax information, that person couldn't give me the number showing in the system for privacy policy. So I now have to wait 3 to 4 week to receive the refund by mail. I suggest people check to see if this is the same issue with them.
        • I filed on 1/31 and it was accepted the same day. I have yet to hear anything about it. the WYR system just says :

          Your tax return has been received and is being processed.

          If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund will be issued:
          within six weeks of the received date
        • I filed on the 16th of Jan. I still dont have a refund. My return is stuck in ERR which I have no idea what that means. The representative said that I 1. am not getting audited 2. my return was accepted but there was a form or something that was wrong. They would either fix it thierselves, or send me a form to fill out and file. That was almost two weeks ago. I still don't have a return date.
        • Mine said DD MArch 6th last week. Today it said within six weeks. So I called in just a few minutes ago and they said it was because I owed a debt from 2008. You can call 1-800-829-0582ext.362 and they will be able to help you find out why it is taking so long. I was only on the phone 20 minutes. i was talking to someone within about 10 minutes versus the 30 minutes to an hour. They helped me out alot. Maybe this will help you.
        Use the e-file Refund Cycle Chart.
        Just tupe in the url and you will find everything you need about date to expect refund by mail or direct deposit.  Hope this helps!!,
        2012 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart,
        • mine also accepted that day and says by march 6th which is today and its almost 9am and nothing and irs website still says march 6th what is going on allready 3 weeks an counting
        • The IRS site told me to expect my refund on 3/13 but recently changed to 3/06.  So far, there's nothing in my bank account and the Turbo Tax bank has no record of the refund either.  :(  sigh...............
        • talked to tt about my fed and said they checked and it says today march 6th also there is nothing in accoun withsbtg and they cant give me any more ining the same problem thanks so muchfo why do they give you a date then you get nothing and they dont update info this is really messed up on 4 weeks now and run around we go with no anwsers as to why.if anyone else says the 6th of march please let me know if you are hav
        • I filed Jan 28-31 accepted. DD was FEB 8th of now March 6....WMR states accepted and processing (been like that for 2 weeks) Nothing as of now. NOTHING 6 WEEKS ALREADY!!!! I AM FINALLY CALLING IRS...DIDN'T CALL BEFORE BECAUSE I KNOW THEY ARE BUSY. BUT THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!
        • My fed was accepted 2/4 and it took forever before any date showed up ... last week it said my refund would be 3/6 (today) but at 5:13 NOTHING so I am off to AMSCOT for a payday advance ... Sucks that I will have to pay fees/interest when the IRS has my money!
        I hope that people out there can find this info useful...... The WMR service, and the 24 hour 1-800 hotline to check the status of your refund is updated ever Thursday of every week. So technically, if you want the most current, correct info then check those services on Thursdays. Also, the problem that the IRS is running into this year with getting peoples refunds out, is that the IRS just got all brand new systems and software at their most busiest time of the tax season! So not only are they unfamiliar with the new systems and software, but they are getting overloaded due to the time of year. So patience people...... I feel it was a terrible idea to do this at this time of year, but the damage is done now! I wish the best of luck to all of you waiting! Try to stay calm, and remember that the IRS is people too.
        • i  got  this  message  yesterday  (  
          Your tax refund was direct deposited on February 29, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by March 5, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until March 5, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then )  and  up  till  now  i  have  not  seen  anything  on my  acct
        • My refund was accepted on Feb 14th. Online it states that it should have been deposited on Feb 28th. Still haven't recieved anthing.........???
        • I have the same issue...says it was sent on the 28th and nothing as of today. I have called and I can never get a real person. I also called my bank and nothing. I thought that maybe I had given them the wrong routing number or account number but no.
        • Mine also said feb. 28th and still nothing keeps telling me its in  and being processed. I thought I was loosing my mind it has never taken so long. I have been with TT for long time and this is my first hickup that I never got info from. I hope I get it soon cause this is suppose to help with my house. Crazy to upgrade tax software during tax time that should have been done in oct of last year. MAN! NUTS! Hope everyone gets there soon, good luck!
        • I filed on the 6th of feb around 9pm, they were both accepted within 30min, there was no info available for over a week about the status of my return, then I had a DD date of Feb 28th for my fed, my state deposited on the 12th, I called on the 27th and spoke to someone, they said they tried to deposit the refund but it was refused by the bank, they had no info as to what bank they tried or when it was, just that the money was in electronic limbo and once it was returned to them they would mail a paper check to me. They also said they were going to mail me a letter telling me what happened, she read the letter to me but said it wasnt going to be mailed untill the 9th of march, I asked why but she had no real answer, she also said the refunds this happends to are returned to them and dated or mailed around the same date of the letter, I am on hold with them again as I type this to see if they have the money back yet or to see if there is any new info.
        • can you please pass the number you call and speak with because i call the 800 num and only a machine respond....
        • I was accepted on Feb. 21st...Feb. 28 they gave me an expected dd by March 18, 2012 and today all it is saying is my return has been received and being processed and I will receive it within 6 WEEKS..wth is going on!!!
        • In my case, my fed. and state returns were filed on 1/21/12 and when I finally spoke to the IRS around 2/22, they said they had attempted to deposit my funds into my checking account as requested, but the deposit was rejected so they mailed me a check on 2/16/12.  

          I did get the federal return check, but I have YET to receive my state return and the state has NO updates for me other than "processed on 1/31/12".  I am assuming that my funds from state were rejected by the bank too.

          I don't know who is to blame for this delay b/c I KNOW THAT I DID NOT MAKE AN ERROR ON MY CHECKING ACCOUNT INFORMATION!  It's ridiculous so I feel for everybody here.
        • I filed Jan 28th...Was to have DD on Feb 21st...Nothing yet...Only message with WMR we have recieved and processing...that message has been there for over 1 week. This sucks
        • I filed my federal on the 31st(accepted same day) of Jan and my state was accepted on the 1st of Feb. I am still waiting on both of them.  I guess it will come when I need it the most but the waiting game is ridiculous.  I hope to get it soon!
        • so what are we paying extra to turbo tax for? or aleast the bank they deal with. seems to me there making money for nothing. so do i get my money refunded?
        My refund was accepted on February 16. I used the "where's my refund" tool on the IRS website. It said , and I quote...

        "We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by February 28, 2012. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience."

        I have not received my refund on February 28, 2012. I called the IRS, and was told that the date given to me for my refund to be deposited is due to the date the IRS received and accepted my return.

        • Same here,,,do to delays should recive BY feb 28...I'm seeing the same message now n still no money..anybody else in the same boat????
        • Hi everyone  I filed on feb 3rd it got accpected on the 4th and im  getting the same message saying its still being processed and i should recieve it by feb 21st its now the 28 and nothing!!! No DD or anything im really pissed!!!
        • I am in the same boat, IRS says 2/28, no money. Does message on IRS site mean to expect further delays or what? Im just frustrated with the whole situation.
        • Important ...I learned that it must say DD versus you will receive your refund by a certain date. Example of the new message we got: Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 29, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by March 5, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until March 5, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then"

          This date held up to be true.  When I checked and today they received the money; which should be in my own account shortly.
        That 800 number only deals with OFFSETS for things like back taxes, child cupport, or student loans. The IRS can also ADJUST your return for typos, failure to claim income, claiming an unauthorized deduction/credit, etc.  If so, they will send you a letter about two weeks after they finish.
        • my daughter received hers in 10 days, I did it on Feb 4
        • Anything to do with the Govt' is always a guessing game. Yelling and Cussing at each other on here, calling the IRS etc.... WILL NOT get you anything any faster. Why stress out over something you cannot control? If its being processed then its being processed. If there mistakes it will be rejected and you will know. So sit back relax and just wait!
        • I got on here to just see if there was a simple answer posted...but nah...everyone just seems to be a little bit ruffled about not receiving their DD as assumed it would be received.  This is the GOVERNMENT, people...the ones about to be in charge of your healthcare.  It will get to you...eventually.  And thank you SHUTUP2 for making me laugh.
        • I filed on 1/17 was accepted on 1/17 the first time I checked wmr it said I would receive my refund by 1/28. Waited till then went on IRS website checked WMR and it has said they have received my return and are processing it. If I filed a complete and accurate return I would receive my refund within 6 weeks? Ok it is 6 weeks and still says same thing? Why bother to e-file I can send it in and get it in 6 weeks. I bet if I owed the IRS the money they wouldn't wait for their money and if they had to they'd be charging me interest! Maybe we should do the same....They get 6 weeks after that they owe us interest!
        • I tend to always just stick to the old 4-6 weeks for payment. When it comes to the government they want their money NOW but pay no mind to giving us our money back in a timely fashion.
        • Mine was accepted around the same time. Feb. 16th. It took a while for WMR to post a date, but that's the case for everyone. It first gave a projected DD of March 6th, but then a day or two later, the scheduled DD posted for Feb. 28th. It was there when I checked this morning, but reading through all of these posts while waiting made me extremely nervous. I really wasn't expecting it to be there, so it was a pleasant surprise that it actually showed up when scheduled.
        I have been using TT since their inception. Never have I experienced any problems with a deposit and or refund of my monies. Any and all problems related to a deposit of tax return funds into an individual’s account are the sole responsibility of the “U. S. - I. R. S.”. Oh yes, I filed on Feb 16, accepted on Feb 17. And I received refunds of State and Federal on Feb 29. Turbo Tax, cya next year.
          Due to processing delays, Fed 17th 2012 filings for 2011 tax return, wont be deposited until March 13th, 2012.
          • just got off the phone with some rude lady at the IRS and she said they changed their refund times to 3 weeks and plus adding one additional week. so that is 4 weeks to get an e-filed refund direct deposited.  if i had known it was going to take a month or more, i would have gone to PO and paid for stamp instead of $30.00 to TT and probably would get my refund just as fast.
          • My refund was accepted on 2/13/12. I was given a refund date of 2/28/12 not a dd date. When I call the 800 number it still gives me a refund date of 2/28/12 and today is 3/1/12, what is really going on?
          • the irs has no idea what they are doing and its ashame because its the same stuff every single year but yet they still cant do it how hard can your job be... seriously
          • Ours was accepted on 1/27 and we still don't have it. Its 3/1 today and the WMR says the same thing....
          • i received my fed but where is my state
          • I am having the same problems as many people on here. I received a Feb 28th DD date also and have received nothing yet. As for the STFU person, most people work hard for their money and the refund is THEIR money that the government has been using all year to gain their 18% or more interest where most people can't even get 1/2% on a savings account. Don't you think you deserve your money? Heck, I think we should be getting the interest it collected too. However, it is in the hands of our government... and the history of our government with money isn't the greatest lately. Unfortunately, all we can do is ask questions and wait.
          • I have been using TT since their inception.  Never have I experienced any problems with a deposit and or refund of my monies.  Any and all problems related to a deposit of tax return funds into an individual’s account are the sole responsibility of the “U. S. - I. R. S.”.    Oh yes, I filed on Feb 16, accepted on Feb 17. And I received refunds of State and Federal on Feb 29.  Turbo Tax, cya next year.
          • Why am i paying TT for their slow services. What a rip off! Capitalism at its best
          I understand it will take longer for taxpayers to receive their refunds this year because the IRS is verifying your identity before sending your refund to you. How, exactly, will they be verifying? Sorry. Don't have an answer for that one.
          • My return was accepted on 2/20 and I just checked the "Where's My Refund" and it says it will be deposited tomorrow.... pretty cool if it actually gets deposited!
          • i filled on 2/23 was accepted with in about 2 hours the same day.  As of 2/28 8pm wmr has no info yet. i will let everyone know when it does............Is it me or pretty much everyone who filled on 2/3 should of waited a day?
          • I was shown on WMR wil deposit on Feb 28  called IRS today they said it has been deposited into my account...I opted to use tt credit  card this time now is the issue...still no money on card and no way to find out why my money not there when IRS said they sent?????
          • My refund was accedpted on Feb 17, 2012 but no deposit yet boy do i need this money very slow with the deposit. ill check back again.
          • Can someone plz give sum insight on the returns for the 28!!!!!!!!!! Mine went from saying dd feb 28 now says no info
          • i filed on feb 3 and i still dont have my federal but i did get my state back
          • irs did me same way. march 6. still nothing. irs sucks. been 6 weeks.
          • go andd check where it is at its really easy and exact
          • UPDATE KIDDOS!!!!! Called IRS this afternoon....spoke with Mr. Kelsey. Very nice man. But, I will not be recieving refund DD until March 30....Wow it only took 2 months to e-file and wait for return!!!! Never again. I file Jan 28th :)  Don't hold your breath :O
          • I only waited for speak to someone for about 10 minutes
          • taxalicous i filed on the 20th of january due to systematic errors i have been stuck....I sppoke to someone tonight who told me another 30 days why arent they getting the peoples refunds to them faster when the errors are on their end...If i have to wait another 30 days i am going to go nuts...And to the person who said tt doesnt have access to our bank info thats bs cause i got an email from tt saying that on the 13th they were going to deduct the 19.95 out of my account since sbbt didnt receive my refund yet...WHAT a joke...seriously can this get any worse
          • My tax return was filed and accepted on the 19th of Feb and WMR said I should receive my refund by the 6th of March, yesterday. No luck, so I just called the IRS. They told me it could take up to 45 more days to receive my refund
          • well i guess i will for go taxes next year and move to a place without taxes and you can get away with everything......     how about canada in the summer and australia in the winter they may have taxes but they dont have idiots running the government........    seems to me monarchy is good i like queens and kings maybe ill go to england and support the monarchy.....   i.r.s  idiotic retarded and stupid..........   im glad i work all year to pay for these lazy people to have a cush job make excuses on why they cant do their job if some guy can aswer a phone that same guy can look at paperwork and get shit moving a little faster.......   i mean if i told my clients well we are expecting delays of a month or more i wouldnt have that client for long.  i mean you get what you pay for i guess but i know if a guy wants a basement i will make sure his basement is done within a week.......   and doing a basement is alot harder than looking at some papers.......    i live in michigan and right now well actually for the last month and a half i havent worked because of weather.....  dont have unemployment i dont believe in it,  so i am relying on this refund to pay my house payment and bills let alone put some food on the table for my wife and kids...  so really the irs needs to get thier head out of their asses and start looking at some papers.
          • mine say it was suppose to be deposited today on wmr but sbptg has nothin on there website did anyone else have this problem really need the money and not sure whats going on
          • blakerz i am sorry you are going through a rough time this is really ridiculous how the irs is handling the returns this year I filed ont he 20 of january they had a systematic error which caused us to owe money that wasnt owed on the 1st time home buyers that sent out another error because husband was in the service back in 1986 through 94 deployed overseas and they wanted to know his combat dates to release our refund...I swear if i have to jump through any more hoops i will scream.  That error should have cleared the combat code. Which makes no sense because he hasnt been in the service since 94/ After speaking to a chinese man last night he told me after he sends the referral through to service center to remove the hold it could take another 30 days what a bunch of BS...they make a mistake and we have to wait...They should have to pay penalties and interest on our money like we do..You know if we owed them money it wouldnt take them 30 days to take it out of our bank accounts so whats their deal?  I hope you get some relief also...Just know you arent alone... Pisse...I dont know what is going on with sbbt i got an email from tt saying they are going to take my fees out of my bank account now since my refund has been delayed...This year is a total screw up...Good luck
          • filed 23 of feb accepted same day. 6 days later not 3 said it would be march 6th. On march 6th checked again date was gone. I called and said it didnt get done in time and said on or by the 14th I should have it. Still no new date on wheres my refund web site. Why even give a date if there are just gonna change it or remove it like they did to me? You would think they would test new software before they use it. Just saying!!
          • lady on phone said updates to WMR are done on wensday but dont know at what time.
          • its updated many days i was told and i cant get on it today so must be updating everyone not me tho i spoke to a rep last night could be another 3 weeks
          • Same ole thang,I e-filed on Feb.23rd was accepted within hours was given a date of March6th to receive my funds,yet there's no money showing.This is my first year using tt,and the very first year that I have ever had an actual refund date that didn't show as accurate.I am so in need of this money,it's mine's and I want it.Called the irs today since WMR is still showing date6th and was told to give it til the 22nd. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!Geeezzzz..If anyone has filed same as me and had success plz comment on the secret.
          • Who CAN we conntact about this??? Can we contact the President of the United States? just a little humor here folks. They need to just release al the refunds today!!! STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iI know who can help us...Ellen or Oprah ;)
          • Never again will I use TT. I have been on the phone with the IRS, TT, and the Tax advocate all day. I was supposed to receive my refund by March the 6th. I didn't. I called the IRS and my tax return is under further review and can take up to 2 more months. So the reason why my return is under further review.... TT program made error. It submitted two conflicting forms for refund and/or credit. I am a student, which means I can deduct my tuition. They submitted the deduction for tuition and expenses, but they also submitted Form 8863 (Education Credit). These two cannot be submitted together for the same student, IT EVEN SAYS IT AT THE TOP OF THE FORM 8863, but they submitted both anyways. Needless to say, I WILL NEVER USE TT AGAIN! I suggest that anyone that is a student not use it either. Go to HR Block if you need to e-file online, cause TT clearly doesn't care that the error was on their end and are content with letting me suffer.
          • i said the same thing taxalicious lol next time we call the irs we need to all demand GET OBAMA on the phone now!  See what they think of that huh lmao  i will never use tt or any electronic filing again...This really sucks i have never had to wait this long
          • This is the first time I have used Turbo Tax and everything went smoothly..I have seen posts for the date of refunds being released on March 6th (mine also) I went to check my bank this am and nothing..then I remember someone saying about Turbo Taxes bank went and logged on and sure enough IRS did infact release my refund to TT bank which deducts 4 for taxes being done, TT bank released my refund for DD to my bank allowing 1-2 Business days to hit my bank account.. Please try the website above and I truelly hope it gives some ppl peace of mind that their money is on the way
          • Ok so this afternoon i went back to WMR and my status had changed although there was no good news.It said check my info to make sure my filing status was correct so i entered yes then it said no information is available on your refund at this time.I went thru my tt e-file and everything is correct.Am i the only one with this update? I also had a note that said wait 7days before contacting.
          • who knows with the irs anything is possible could be they are sending a letter or they are dragging their feet trying to find an error so they can hold your refund longer...:(  i am not a happy camper when it comes to them this year
          • I too had that change where it went from being processed to please check your information
             When I looked again today it went back to the being processed/six week thing. I wish it would give a date.
          • i only had a date when i first filed now i show i still owe even though i dont and they supposedly fixed it i wouldnt believe the site at all from what i have heard its not accurate at all Good Luck
          • mine also went back to the beginning it said march 6th got nothing and next day said being processed with no date at all.spoke with tt the 6th they said it was all set and was waiting on refund to be deposited yeah right.dont know whats going on but to go from a date an then back to beginning with no anwsers is to file so return is fast over a month now and nothing.never again will I use tt and we all still have to pay them to wait over a month or more 7 days yeah bull
          • mcole mine ws to be deposited feb 1st so dont feel alone :( still waiting
          • I know were all waiting keep me up to date i will do the same
          • I filed the 4th of Feb. and accepted the 5th of Feb. Had the 15th then the 28th and now NOTHING...SHOULD BE by the 13 th of March but the "SHOULD BE" date dont count.  Now today on WMR I got this...Your tax return has been received and is being processed.

            If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund will be issued:
            within six weeks of the received date.
            So my question is Anyone else got this and if so have you received your refund yet?
          • i just think the irs is broke and trying to find away to hold taxes to buy them time to come upwith the money. there is no way have the usa being reviewed and recieving processing delays. by the way i filed jan 20 accepted the same day was suppose to get dd 2-7 still nothing. called today say it could take another 45days
          • heem0 i too filed on the 20th of jan and accepted same day i have no date and had all sorts of errors that was on the irs end....I m ticked off last night spoke to irs another 30 days if we owed them we would be in jail we wouldnt get another 30 days IRRITATED
          • Just checked email @ 10:40 pm 3/8 got an alert from my bank ACH from dept of treasury FINALLY! don't now how its possible. I filed and was accepted on 2/6. Where's My Refund still says we have received you return and it's being processed, truly a pointless site. Good luck to everyone.
          • well glad that you got it :) so that is true the wmr is not always gonna show and its not correct....have a good weekend...
          • My refund was accepted January 27th. Today marks 6 weeks and I haven't received anything.
          • this is ridiculous how people who efiled are waiting so long doesnt seem fair wish there was something people could do i am so exhausted by calling the irs every other day i gave up..I hope mine comes soon
          • I just talked to the IRS. They said that after the delay of I dont know how many weeks now my return required further review. They said they have sent me a letter saying what happened but that I dont need to send them anything so this is pretty much pointless. She also told me that it will take about another 60 days. My return was supposed to be in the 28th of Feb. So frustrated right now It feels like someone said over here earlier, feels like they are looking for any excuse to hold our returns.
          • was reading an article today in paper that said the fed gov is asking for 444million for debt gee guess thats are anwser there broke.4 weeks for me an all irs says is we are still processing but they found no problems yet??? contacted tt and they dropped my fees as told them we pay them to do are taxes and get no help or anwser in this as to why
          • I was having the same issue, refund accepted on feb. 15 and gave a date of feb 28 and of course nothing happened. I have been checking daily and nothing changed until this morning saying the direct deposit will be march 14 and it gave an error code of 9021 which means a math error. Well I don't calculate the return turbo tax did. So those of you who may have filed around the 14-17th of feb and have received anything yet it is probably due to a math error and all of the refunds had to be reviewed. I'm glad I finally have an update!
          • i also had an update that said we have made changes to your return that have not changed your refund amount you can expect to receive your refund on march 14th dd.  I had to read it twice they made changes that did NOT change my refund amount in other words they fixed their screw up. Will let you all know if i get it and i have been waiting since jan 20th i filed and was accepted on the 20th so dd was suppose to be on the 1st of feb a good month and a half later not too shabby (sarcasm)
          • CONGRATS poohbear55!!!! Felt like you just won the lottery.... lol... Just please keep us posted when your DD actually hits.. Fortunately NOT for me, WMR still telling me a check will be sent because deposit was rejected by bank..... Not possible, BUT okaaaaaaaay...... HOPING WMR UPDATES ON SUNDAY ALSO!!!!
          • i will let ya all know ;) i hope they are gonna update for everyone tomorrow
          • Good News finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filed FEB.23rd accepted same day did not receive my refund MAR.6th like it said on WMR,but checked and my refund was received from IRS on the 9th.So I'm just waiting the 1to2 business days for it to post in my account.
          • awesome woohoo....
          • Wow!! This sucks i filed Feb.5 and havent got a return yet and its upseting.. My friends used taxslayer and recieved there return back within a week and i really thinks it has something to do with Ttax! I will not be a returning Customer!
          • hey i filed january 20th so i think it is fair for me i waited and extra month for my refund... I was suppose to get mine on feb first its actually a month and a half late sorry hope you get yours soon
          • I was accepted Feb 23.  I have had the message that my refund has been delayed due to processing delays and I should receive my refund by Mar 13.  When I called the IRS last week, the rep said there was no DD date as of yet but there were no notices generated saying there have been any errors found as of yet and it just must be delayed getting processed.  Im a little frustrated by it all.  Do alot of you have the same message?
          A new published report by the Government Accountability Office:  Obviously the IRS is very backed up

          "Two separate IRS errors resulted in the delayed processing of almost 14 million returns and affected some 12.5 million refunds in January and February, the Government Accountability Office said in a report released March 22.
          The report revealed the extent and depth of a rash of delayed refunds that caused a public outcry earlier this year.

          Between January 16 and January 26, a programming error in an automated compliance system caused the IRS to hold many more returns than expected for additional review, resulting in delays in processing about 6 million returns, the GAO said. The glitch affected 80 percent of returns in that time period, many more than the 12 percent the IRS estimated would be affected, and 5.5 million refunds were delayed by more than a week, according to the report. IRS officials said the problem was resolved by the end of January.

          A separate malfunction affecting the Service's Modernized E-File (MeF) system resulted in processing delays for 7.8 million returns, of which 7 million were refunds, from the start of the filing season through February 7, the GAO said. IRS officials said the problem was resolved by that date "

          Obviously the IRS is very backed up
          • My return was accepted Feb. 5th. Was to be Direct deposited on the 21st. Then I got a message saying that it was recieved and is being processed. Called IRS on March 2nd to be told it was scheduled to be released in sixteen days. Because of bad connection I didn't hear everything the man said. I called back on the 9th the lady told me it was on hold it didn't say why, she would put in a request that they send me a letter or release my refund. Neither has happened so I called today 3/23 to be told that there is an error and that they have 30 days to contact me before I can go on to next step. If I have not heard from them by the 9th of April to call back and they will assign me a tax advocate to help get this straightened out. Since I have gone over all my papers and I have entered everything that I have recieved correctly than I have to assume that Turbo Tax did not do something right in calculating my taxes. I have tried to give TT the benefit of the doubt but at this point I know I will never use TT again.
          • did anyone get any updates yet on wmr site mine still says 03/27/2012
          • GOGETTA.... NOPE mine still says we have received your refund and it is being processed. Mind yu I was accepted back on Febuary 5th
          • momo..........did u call the irs and wat did they say?
          • I filed early and was accepted on the 17th of JAN it is now end of march and i just got a date of april 10th. with all the fraud going on a lot of returns went into errors and there is a 40 day hold once that is up and nothing is wrong they will give you a date. mine was really late i called the irs 2 times. I know everyone is needing there money..i need mine i have not seen my husband since july due to him being in japan in the marines. I am not trying to be mean but give the irs a break they have had a lot going on and could get everything done faster if everyone stops calling. the one day the lady i talked to said she had 5 fraud returns that day alone and it was only 11 am so the more everyone calls the more it backs them up.
          • GOETTA...Yes I did. I was part of the HBC and I was paying 228.00 out of my refund to pay back the HCBA. Anyway the IRS told me they were sorry that they were the ones who caused my error NOT Ttax. SInce my return is now fixed and out of errors the IRS said I should have it any time in 6 weeks from MArch 5th. So yeah a little upset about that for myself and TTax did my return correctly. Oh well It is what it is and I just need to wait. Checked WMR this morning but nothing...the system is down ;(
          • I know cuz i havent been able to check my status i hope its updating
 DD(Direct Deposit) date (which was 2/29, I filed on 2/6) issued on WMR is accurate, today my refund is showing in Turbo Taxes bank As I have read many others DD date is accurate too.  I should expect my bank to have it in 1-2 days.  It was a long wait...but remember the DD date is different than when to expect your refund message.  The DD date is more solid. I too can say the refunds from the first week of Feb filing are finally arriving...Great talking with you all in the community.
          • After reading everything it makes me worry I filed on the 22nd of Fed and it is say the 13 of March I was hoping a lot sooner and hoping it will change but with all I'm reading that date may be right. I thought it was 7-14 days and hell I could have not paid Turbo Tax all those fees and did it free and still had to wait the same time. Hoping the the date changes as I have major plans for that money
          • Filed my fiancee's on Feb 6th, federal was accepted the same day, and state was accepted the 7th.  Received state taxes on the 9th, and Federal on the 10th.
          • Mine was accepted the 14th -said I would get it the 28th-it's not there...I am hoping it will be there tonight or tomorrow...
          • I filed on 2/6 && accepted same day but I don't even have a bank its just supposed to be deposited directly to the Turbo tax card.  it says the date is 2/29 so there probably isn't anything I could check huh????
          • Anyone no whether or not to go with the WMR date or the IRS refund schedule date? Every year there are some sort of issues... My refund was accepted on Feb 17th as well, my refund date on WMR is supposed to be today,.. no DD, but on the IRS refund schedule website it says that we should receive a DD on 2/29 than the TT used to always show a Friday date... at this point I'm frustrated... I need that cash. Anyone have any luck?
          • Mine said D/D date is today and still nothing. Plus the Irs site cant find my refund status as of now????????
          If you chose to have your fees withheld from your federal refund, there was a bank charge for that.  It has nothing to do with how fast your return gets processed.
          • Refund was accepted on Feb 16 and WMR has no info...when I called they said, well, you have to wait 3 weeks and if nothing by March 13 (which is 4 weeks) call us back.   I want to know how do I add penalties that IRS owes me for being late?
          Yes, I have dealt with same issue. Filed and accepted on February 9. First there was an expect by date then it went to the generic message of being processed if there are no errors you will receive it within six weeks. Called IRS and was told there were no error codes just hasn't been completed through processing yet.
          • I posted last week regarding my experience with TT which as I said was great.. and IRS did indeed send my refund on 3/6 to sbtpg bank to be then DD in my checking- figured by March 8th.. ok that is great.Sooo on 3/8 NO DD..I check on the sbtpg site to if any new info..yes indeed.. I was charged a additional $20 fee for a returned item processing fee then another 4.18 for applicable state fee WTH?? I contact sbtpg and was told that they did send the DD to my account yet my bank could not find any such account..REALLY??!!?? that would be BS..Not only did I make damn sure my account # was accurate I called my bank to see if infact any DD/ACH came in and low n behold no it did not since there would be some sort of paper trail whether approved or denied attempt with said account number and name and both myself and husband share same bank..this is very misleading and very unethical business practice.. Needless to say not only was I charged 29.95  for a processing fee for DD I was also charged a $20 & $4.18 state fee. In my eyes very underhanded. To give credit where credit is due.. (A disbursement in the amount of $20.00 was sent to you) this was posted on my account page..We shall see if this was sent along with check..which I was also told takes 10 business days..For me I dont mind waiting Yet if I knew then what I know now oh hell no would I even used that DD feature since in my case was a bunch of BS...Funny That this bank never contacted me regarding the return of the DD yet instead they automatically send a paper check!!! Wrong Just wrong.. Well thats my experience I so hope this dos not happen to ppl that have been waiting forever for the federal refund..
          • wow that sucks i have been going thru hell needless to say too
          • I called again today and was told that I would have to wait another 2 weeks as the refund was just being delayed due to processing and that hopefully they will have an update with a DD date by then.  They are still not showing any errors.  Has anyone been told this same story?
          • i was told that and then two days later i called again and was told i owed them money that i would be getting a letter...If you took the homebuyer credit call and make sure that they realize that their may be a delay on their part because they had the systematic errors due to that and almost everyone who took it in 2008 were delayed this year and were told they owed money which they didnt...DONT wait for them to figure it out tell them you may have an error because of that then they will fix it for you good luck
          my rundnd was accepted on Feb 17 when is going to be deposited?
          • ^jroc^ what sort of answer is that?
          • No home buyer credit here. Thx though. I specifically asked if there were any errors showing as well. Really frustrated but we will make it through. Trying to buy a house and need the return for the DP :(
          • Just got a super generic message that my return has been received and is being processed. Oh so frustrated! Now there's no date at all.
          • The delay is because of this darn software. I filed my mother-in-law's taxes using H&R Block software two weeks after mine, and she already received her return. I have been waiting for two weeks, and the IRS just pushed my "processing" back and additional week. I'll never use this again!
          • I just thought this might help someone else out, because I spent all morning freaking out about this. I filed my taxes with TT and they were accepted on March 1st - as of the 8th the refund checker was telling me that I would get my DD on the 13th - today. Well as of today no return - and now the checker says that my refund is "in processing" again! So after my meltdown - I called the IRS (1-800-829-0922) and just hit 0 until it transferred me to a real person. After about 20-30 mins on hold I got a very helpful agent who was easily able to look up my information and give me a date of the 16th - and she also assured me that there would not be any other delays - here's to hoping. Anyhow - best advice - don't freak out - call them, be polite, and they will be helpful!
          • talked to irs I am understanding they are sending letters out to people who filed first two weeks of feb .just spoke to a women said they had problems and it will tell if at all you need to do anything but hold should only be a week as they review
          • I have waited two weeks for my return when it was promised within 48 hours. So should I be eligible for a return and refund? Please help. I honestly believe that this is the worst service that I have ever recieved. Please provide assistance!!!!
          • I filed via TT and was accepted on March 1. Last week, i had the message that my return was being processed and  I would receive my refund on or before March 20.  Yesterday, I checked IRS website and the status had changed to the generic message " Your return has been received and it is being processed."

            Today, (March 14) I checked and I now have a new refund deposit date of on or before April 24.

            Who knows?
          • just a heads up the wmr is not working correctly it hasnt since the beginning of the tax year you are better off to call the irs if you have the time to sit and wait.  Good luck everyone
          • This is very disappointing. Submitted my taxes on Feb. 12 and was accepted the same day. Initially it stated the expected date was Feb. 28 then last week that went to the generic message of "in processing". As of today that has changed and the new date is April 12th. This is AMAZING to say the least. That would be 2 months since acceptance. Furthermore I have yet to see any response from Turbo Tax. If it's their fault or not the proper thing for them to do would be to make an announcement. Also, why would the IRS decide to utilize new software during this time of year without a proper evaluation? Even Wal-Mart wouldn't do that.
          • bikinmaine i feel your pain i seriously do i went from thinking i had a refund  coming to getting a letter saying i owed after a month of trying to fix that because the irs had an error with the system i got a date of yessterday, I got my money in sbbt but was not sent to my bank account til this morning..IT is bs it seems like they had "errors" so they could keep our moeny longer and sbbt kept it an extra day because they had a fraud protocal system put in effect lol ook funny i never ever had to wait an extra day in the past i can tell you one thing I WONT use tt again like i said i used them since 2002 and each year it got worse this year was the straw that broke this camels back I will use snail mail at least i will expect a longer wait...Good luck keep us posted
          • Ok just to refresh on my story. Refund sent Feb 20th it said they would deposit on the 28th. Then it said it would be on March13th, then it changed to the generic its being processed. Now it says on April 10th. I had called and they claimed there was an error but that I didnt have to send anything or clarify anything (which sounds to me like its an error on their side). I actually dont even expect it on April 10th. It's a mess....
          • accepted jan 21st just called yesterday only to tell me to wait 2 more weeks tt tells me refund deposit date jan-30th to feb-11th so much for e-file being quick and turbotax being so accurate
          • I sent our taxes 03/06/2012 accepted 03/09/2012. Checked WMR several times finally got a date of 04/03/2012 using my wife"s SSN and a date of 04/24/2012 using my SSN. What a joke!!!!  That's 7 weeks!!!!
          • filed Feb 26... where's my refund site in IRS.GOV said accepted, and refund should be paid March 13... checked the same site today, now says refund should be paid April 24...

            Goodbye Turbo Tax
          • My refund was accepted March 1. No errors. I did everything correctly with as I do every year. I just found out that my $1,200 refund will not be deposited until April 24 - 9 days after my quarterly payment is due. If I had known the government was so messed up, I would have applied my refund to next year's tax and let the government try to get it out of itself!  Who in their right mind would want to vote for our President? This is no way to treat responsible citizens who pay their taxes. I'm sorry - he doesn't  represent responsible citizens.
          • The problem is all of you have VOLUNTARILY given the government an interest-free loan for a year, and now are wanting your money back. STOP giving the loan, adjust your W-4 accordingly and keep your money month to month. STOP relying on our failing government to aid you in having a little discipline with your finances! If you need extra money in February or March, set it aside during the year from your slightly larger check. Then, like magic, it will be there when You are ready! You might even earn a little interest on it! It is not "Rocket-Science"!

            Oh Yes, jcjcjc1, you are an idiot. This has nothing to do with Turbo Tax. This is the IRS in slow-motion.
          • I also submitted state/federal on feb.28,2012 and it got excepted through turbo tax 48 hrs later,when I checked the WMR web it gave me a date for march 13,2012 so when I checked my bank which is wells fargo , nothing was deposited so I went back on WMR and it said due to processing delays my date moved to March 20,2012,I know all of my info was right because the system that Turbo Tax uses lets you know of a problem,so I will see if March 20th will be a good day .
          • Uggghhh.... Filed 2/18 and Federal was accepted same day... now, 3/16 and still no refund.  When I check WMR it still continues to say its been received and is being processed.  This is so frustrating... like so many others, I could really use the money right now.  This is the first time in years i have ever encountered this situation.  I wish the IRS would resolve their probelms and get people back the money owed to them.
          • I filed federal on 3/4.  Accepted same day.  WMR said March 20th, then it changed to March 13th.  When I checked on March 14th , WMR notice had changed to "your return has been received and is being processed".  On March 15, WMR said new date is April 24th.  This is very frustrating as I am not sure that April 24th is a valid date either.  Big difference between march 13 and April 24th
          GOGETTA2.... I heard it usually updates on Wed and Sunday but the WMR also has/had issues so you can only check WMR a few times a day before they kick you out. I will check at Least everyday. Also heard that it has not been 100% accurite either. For a few people got the DD BEFORE WMR said it is schedule to be. so I really dont know.
          • oh ok thanks
          • did any one get a dd date that says 04/10/2012cuz mines still says dat and it has been for 6 days now is that a bad thing
          • March 30 is here!!!!!!!!!!!! and nope nothing nada Zero!!! But, thank you for all the prayers. I will keep praying for everyone too. I know we all need our money! IRS guy told me March 30th. oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. Make it a great weekend. Don't worry...worrying isn't going to make it come faster.
          • Bummer Taxalicious...praying you get it soon!
          • UPDATE...... I got a DD Date for April 2nd yesterday on WMR. Checked SBBT bank and YES!!!! My money is sitting in there bank. FINALLY my wait is over. Hope everyone will get theres soon. Taxalicious I would call the IRS and see what the heck is going on!
          • Congrats mom of 2 boys!!! Last time I called they told me March 30 ...I pretty much knew if wouldn't be here. and I'm the most positive person in the world. Glad you got yours. and thanks for updating...It all give us a glimmer of hope
          • I  filed on 16th of feb was accepted same day dd was set for march 6th nothing called irs said letter in mail the infamous cpo5 stating that they didnt need any more info and to wait another 45 days as they didnt mail letter till march 19th this is nuts anyone else get cpo5 where they dont need info and finally get there refund?
          • UPDATE!!!! 8 weeks later and My reund was DD today. Dont give up people. Beleive me I know it is hard but you will get it! Good thing too. Our Central AC broke so we need half our Refund to fix it...Thank you Jesus. He knows when we REALLY need the money, but beleive me I did NOT like the wait. Now I am glad I did.
          The message that no info is available either means (1) WMR is updating, or (2)  WMR is not available.  The IRS keeps pushing back refund dates, so check again tomorrow.
            I filed on 2/3 and accepted the same day. My processing went over 21 days. I called turbo tak and they refunded my fees. I received a message that I will have my return 3/6, then WMR said no info. The next time I checked it said 3/1. I called my bank today, and they have ALL my money and they will put the money in my account on tomorrow. Even though today the WMR say it does not have any information.
            • I thought Turbotax was a free service? I can understand the bank  fee. I have to file my state by mail is that what I am being charged for??
            • well after waiting for it to update it still says I am schudle to be D/D 2/28 and still no money . am i so confused. what is going on here?!!!
            • The IRS sent my refund and the sbt company has it and says they sent it so when will it be on my turbo tax card ?
            • We filed on Feb.2nd., and yes we read the IRS is having major problems. As of today we still do not have our refund. We do have a deposit date for today but it isnt in our account yet. Who knows at this point! This year has been quite the roller coaster with taxes. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope you all get your taxes soon!!
              As far as Turbo tax...I have talked to some employees who are very helpfull and I have talked to some that just simply hang up for no reason and I think its because they simply didnt know how to answer my questions, and I wasnt being rude at all. I find that very rude!
            • i sent mine on 27th and could get nothing yet on WMR site... still waiting for an answer i have a lot of plans for that money... thanks and good luck for everybody in this tax process.
            • I was accepted on 1/28/12, and orignally wmr reported I have my refund by 2/14/12. As the date grew close it changed to within 6 weeks. This is some b.s. I know plenty of people who filed after me and got it already. The lady from the irs said there was a computer problem by them on 2/6/12 and it delayed my process. So now I must wait, and I did nothing wrong.
            • ok i understand delays but i know i was charged an extra processing fee for my refund to be delivered within 7 days the most i would wait is 10 so unless they're willing to refund that extra processing fee because it's their fault on the holdup i would like to see my refund in my account before this week is out.
            • It's my money, and I want it now!
            • I filed on 2/2 and was accepted on 2/3. I had a deposit date of 2/21 and it changed to 2/28 and again last week to 3/6. Now its saying within 6 weeks. This is BS, I've always listed 0 dep so I could get the max refund, I'm finding out whats the legal amount of deps I can use and changing my w4. I won't be waiting for this crap next year and filing a paper return and saving 100 bucks to boot. I really think that company's like TT and HR had knowledge that this could happen but didn't bother to tell anyone due to lost sells, so after 9 years of using TT they have got the last of my money.
              And for those of you saying TT is not to blame, I'm sure you probably work for them and come here to post on their behalf, so go back and tell them that everyone that been getting the run around they should do the right thing and refund those people's filing charges.
            • My refund was accepted the 27th of January, I was given a date of the 14h. Now when I chaeck the site it says processing. After hours on hold I was finally told I should receive it by the first through fifth. Basically they dont have the money to pay us so they are delaying until they do.
            • Mine was accepted Feb 15 and I was notified by my bank Feb 22 that is was pending for Feb 24.  Mine was available Feb 24.  I guess I don't know why others are having major issues.  I should thank my lucky stars, I think.
            • ok filed it 2/23 got accepted within 2 hours and finally today 2/29 said my date was march 6th. hope it comes a few days sooner rents due 5th :)
            • Just remember ....most of those who are impatient (including myself) need this refund for income.  Those of you  who are able to wait it out.......good for you. But, those of us who have bills to pay, children to feed, cars needing gas......or cannot run to mommy and daddy..........we are not impatient..........we're just needing to get things done.  Besides, when they give us a deadline of when to turn something in..........we'd better meet that deadline or get fined. ----Watch the news on April 15th and you'll see!
            • i filed january 21st and still to date 2/29/12 nothing, its still processing god only knows how long they can be. oh and i first had a date for feb 1st then changed to march 6th now its stuck on processing
            • There is hope!  I filed 1/31 and even suffered through the 6 week message and my refund posted to my account today.....I hope y'all get your money soon and I would ignore the ignorance of people who don't know the situation you are in :)  I know, even though this year our refund isn't needed but wanted, we were out of jobs last year, both my husband and myself with 2 kids to feed and half the income we were used to.....I feel for your frustration and hope that it comes sooner than later for y'all waitin........
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