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Do I need to mail my W-2 forms when I efile my tax return?

    No...but please keep them for at least 4 years, or as many more as you can tolerate.
    • I summited my taxes an all the ss# are corrected it was imported from last year return but it keep been rejected stating the ss# are incorrect does this means someone else has filed under my kids an I ss# ?
    • Where is my money!? i mailed my tax return about a week ago? How long does it take!?
    • chachy3.....if you have to file your taxes by mail, the IRS says to allow 6 weeks to complete
    • I was told the primary ss# is being used by someone as a dependent. I can't believe the problems I'm having this year.
      I'm sick of people using the encomny as an excuse to use people for thier personal gain, as if no one else is suffering. I hope the person that took my daughters ss#  suffer as bad as they are making my family to suffer
    • If someone else has used your daughters social it may take some time to get your taxes done. Call your local IRS branch and tell them what is going on and they may be able to help or they may at least be able to tell you who filed it.