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What is the deadline to enroll in Obamacare?

  • My healthcare insurance with my employer will end 08/31/2014. Can I then sign up for healthcare insurance or will I be without insurance until the next enrollment period?
  • I retired 08/31/2012 and healthcare was extended at employee rates for 24 months which will expire on 08/31/2014. The above message did not explain this. Do I need to enroll now and pay two premiums or can I enroll in August when my insurance is expired with my employer???
fwlson62:  Your expiration of employee-sponsored insurance is considered a "qualifying event", which allows you to enroll through the Marketplace outside of the open enrollment period. You do not need to pay two premiums.  Just be sure that when you do purchase another health insurance policy, you do so far enough in advance so that your policy will be in effect on 9/1/2014 (or whenever your current policy expires).  You don't want to be without coverage.
Here's more information from the ACA website:

You are not required to purchase insurance through the ACA Marketplace.  You can purchase through any insurance provider but the policy must be in compliance with ACA guidelines.  Keep in mind, however, that only policies purchased through the Marketplace qualify for federal assistance.