I stimulus balance on turbo tax card for months un...
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I stimulus balance on turbo tax card for months unaware

I just now today was notified of having a stimulus payment on my turbo tax debit card. It confused me because this year i signed up for credit karma for my funds to be sent. So when i saw I had a balance I was confused because i assumed the balance was for this year. I stopped using and discarded my turbo tax card after tax season and it was empty. So I had to report it lost and ordered a new one. After investigating transactions I just suddenly realized that $1200 had been sent to the card at the end of last year. WHAT? I received no notification or email or anything whatsoever! And Every month since it was deposited I have been charged fees on the account. I have mixed feelings right now because 1. I am $1100 richer and that's cool and 2. I think its pretty messed up that turbo tax failed to say  anything for 4-5 months and then slid in an email around filing time. but charged me monthly fees on money I didn't know I had.How was I to know that a stimulus was being sent to my account? why wasn't I notified of a $1200 deposit into my account until 4 MONTHS LATER?I have a feeling I am not the only person this has happened to.

Haha. I was freaking out wanting to know why my funds didn't go to credit Karma...turns out it will and I also have a bonus. yay

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