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TurboTax 2018 release notes for Windows personal tax software

Here's what's in the latest TurboTax for Windows CD/Download personal (individual) software update (R47) released Tuesday, September 10:

  • Fixed - Incorrect screen in Child and Dependent Care interview

This release also includes items from earlier releases:

R45.1 (September 5)

  • Fixed - Taxable amount of inherited IRA with qualified disaster distribution overstated on Line 4b of Form 1040

R45.1 (August 29)

  • Fixed - Form 8962 displayed incorrect years onscreen and in corresponding help file
  • Corrected reference on Form 1099-DIV box 12 instructions
  • Corrected filing instructions for bona-fide residents in Guam who have self-employment income

R41 (August 1)

  • Fixed - Form 8862 interview screen doesn't refresh completely in certain situations
  • Improvements to qualifying child error checking for Qualified Widow(er) filing status

R40 (July 25)

  • Fixed - Incorrect taxation of qualified disaster distributions on some inherited IRAs

R39 (July 19)

  • Fixed - Unable to make edits in Child and Other Dependents Credit section in certain situations

R38 (July 11)

  • Fixed - Schedule H line 23 incorrect when using Employers with Late Contributions Smart Worksheet
  • Fixed - F1116 Gross Income From All Sources Smart Worksheet doesn't pick up gains on Sch D 1a/8a

R35 (June 19)

  • Fixed - Form 4562 typo
  • Fixed - COUNTRY field not triggering an error when it should
  • Fixed - Tabbing on Information Worksheet
  • Fixed - Various issues with Form 8862, Part V line 22

R34 (June 17)

  • Fixed - Incorrect line number reference on Schedule A Other Income Statement

R30 (May 15)

  • Fixed - Typo on Credit for Retirement Savings Contributions screen
  • Fixed - No partial penalty calculated after selecting partial-year health insurance coverage if full-year coverage was initially selected

R29 (May 9)

  • Fixed - Discrepancy between Form 8801 interview and line instructions
  • Fixed - Spouse foreign income not recognized in foreign exclusion interview
  • Fixed - Car registration interview incorrectly states MT LVREG is deductible

R27 (April 24)

  • Fixed - Bottom cut off on printed QBI Deduction Smart Worksheet
  • Fixed - Broken link on Community Property Income Adjustments screen

R25 (April 11)

  • Fixed - Certain taxpayers unable to e-file if reporting 457(b) contribution of $37K or less
  • Fixed - Form 4797 not printing with return paperwork

R24 (April 3)

  • Fixed - Self-employment subtraction for QBI incorrectly allocated to activities with no self-employment earnings
  • Fixed - Rounding issue affecting Schedule A and Form 8959
  • Fixed - Form 8615 error on returns where the form isn't needed

R23 (March 28)

  • Fixed - Form 8960 line 9b worksheet disregards SALT limitation
  • Fixed - Review error Enter the amount from 1099-INT Box 1, 3 or 8 for Untitled
  • Fixed - K-1 businesses cannot revisit Does this business receive income from specified services? screen
  • Fixed - 1099-Q interview incorrectly allows input for books and room & board expenses for secondary schools
  • Fixed - Married taxpayer filing separately is being told their qualifying dependent doesn't qualify
  • Fixed - Form 8880, line 8 not calculating

R22 (March 20)

  • Fixed - QBI deduction not being triggered in rare instances
  • Fixed - No option to designate that a qualified charitable contribution was made from an inherited IRA in certain cases
  • Fixed - Excess contributions not flagged when there are both Roth and regular 401(k) contributions

R21 (March 14)

  • Fixed - Filing instructions on returns with Form 2210-F incorrect or missing
  • Fixed - Schedule E PDF displays and prints lines 35/36 at lines 34/35
  • Fixed - Form 8283 not included in PDF when there are restrictions or limits in the Charitable Contributions worksheet

R20.1 (March 7)

  • Fixed - Worksheet adjustments for Olympic or Paralympic prize money

R20 (March 6)

  • Fixed - Various 2210 issues (unable to clear Part II, Box A should not be checked, the penalty is zero or delete the form)
  • Fixed - Several Roth conversion issues (qualified disaster distribution question, missing screen, swapped radio buttons)
  • Fixed - Form 1116 line 5a/5b calculations
  • Fixed - "Jump to QBI" goes to Health Insurance section
  • Fixed - Qualified Widow(er) dependent treated as qualified nondependent
  • Fixed - False trigger of review error Form 8815: Paper series EE U.S. savings bonds is too large
  • Form 1040X finalized – all personal IRS tax forms are now in production

R19 (February 27)

  • Fixed - 10% penalty incorrectly generated on some Roth IRA rollovers
  • Fixed - Misleading wording on Country of Citizenship screen
  • Fixed - Smartcheck error Import Data: Payer Street Address-# has too many characters
  • Fixed - Non-dependent computer expenses disappear from 1099-Q interview
  • Fixed - Incorrect withholding limit on Railroad Retirement Tier 2 tax help screen
  • IRS form 8915B finalized

R18 (February 21)

  • Fixed for most customers - Unable to clear final review error Form 2210: Part II, Box A should not be checked, the penalty is zero
  • Fixed - No entry field for adjusted mortgage interest
  • Fixed - Incorrect line number reference on Form 2210 error message
  • Fixed - Unable to clear line 33 error resulting from transferred Form 4835
  • Fixed - Smartcheck error Some values are too large and have caused calculation errors when state/local taxes exceed $100K
  • Fixed - Wrong tax year referenced on Form 8889 line 18 smart worksheet
  • Fixed - Unable to elect section 179 on new roof for commercial property (H&B only)
  • IRS forms 2210-F and 8903 finalized

R17.1 (February 16)

  • Fixed for many customers - Unable to clear Form 2210: Part II, Box A should not be checked, the penalty is zero error in final review

R17 (February 14)

  • Fixed - Review error Other Income Statement: Your calculations could not be completed. 0-675-307
  • Fixed - E-file rejection code FW2-001-01 triggered in situations where it shouldn't be
  • Fixed - Incorrect 2017 standard deduction on Line 7c of State Tax Refund Worksheet
  • Fixed - Healthcare penalty assessed on exempted families with 10+ members
  • Fixed - Qualifying Child's name and SSN for Qualifying Widow(er) filing status doesn't flow to Federal Information Worksheet
  • IRS forms 2210, 3468, and Schedule K-1s for 1041 and 1065 forms released

R16 (February 6)

  • Fixed - Incorrect day displayed for April 17 Patriot's Day filing deadline
  • Fixed - Tabbing not working properly on 1099-R worksheet
  • Fixed - Form 2555 smart worksheet issue
  • Updated - "Learn more" link on the Enter casualty losses screen
  • Additional federal tax forms are ready

R15.1 (January 31)

  • Fixed - Incorrect local sales tax rate calculations for several states
  • Additional federal tax forms released

R15 (January 28)

  • Fixed - Form 1040, line 55b source issue
  • Another batch of federal tax forms released

R14 (January 24)

  • Fixed - Minnesota e-file reject code 208 when 1099R box 7 is checked in the federal return
  • Additional federal tax forms have been finalized

R13 (January 17)

  • Additional federal tax forms have been released

R12 (January 10)

  • More federal tax forms have been released
  • Fixed - QBI deduction fails to calculate in certain cases
  • Fixed - negative amount on 1040 worksheet, line 64

R11 (January 3)

  • First batch of federal tax forms have been released
  • Fixed - Qualifying Child interview flow
  • Fixed - 2018 date not accepted for charitable contribution
  • Fixed - Home & Business prompts upgrade to Premier after entering investment sale
  • Fixed - 60% incorrectly displaying as an option for noncash contribution limit

R9 (December 19)

  • Fixed - Various Form 6251 calculation/line flow issues
  • Fixed - Redundant questions about being claimed as a dependent when reporting 2017 state/local tax refund
  • Updated - Schedule A in-program help

R8 (December 14)

  • Fixed - "Boxes 1 and 2 cannot both have values" displaying erroneously when entering 1098-T
  • Fixed - Underpayment penalty assessed on timely-paid 4th quarter payments

R7 (December 6)

  • Fixed - Incorrect EITC calculations for certain income levels
  • Fixed - Various Form 8962 issues
  • Fixed - Form 1099-DIV foreign tax paid box is mislabeled
  • Fixed - 1040 worksheet still displays "total number of exemptions"

R4 (November 15) - Fixed minor depreciation bugs and help content

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