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2018 Form NYC-1127 amend instructions for TurboTax Online

  1. Sign in to TurboTax. In Tax Home, under Your tax returns & documents, select Add a State.
    • Note: You don't need to amend your federal or state returns to amend Form NYC-1127
  2. On the Let’s get your state taxes done right screen, select Continue.
  3. Select Edit next to your New York return.
  4. Continue through New York section answering questions until you reach Take a look at New York credits and taxes. Scroll down and under New York City Employment Taxes select Update next to NYC Nonresident Employees Tax NYC-1127 and Continue.
  5. Continue through this section answering questions until you reach Tell Us About Your NYC Employment.
  6. On the line Withholdings from 2018 Form NYC-1127.2, adjust the amount to reflect the initially filed Form NYC-1127.
    • If you initially had a refund, subtract that amount from the Form 1127.2 and enter the result
    • If you initially paid a balance due, add that amount to the Form 1127.2 and enter the result.
    • Note: The form doesn't give the ability to enter amount paid or refund with original filing as a separate line, so the two must be combined in this field to calculate the appropriate refund.
  7. Continue answering questions until you see You Just Finished Your New York Return. Select Done with New York.
  8. Continue through the Smart Check Results and select Done With All States.
  9. Continue until you reach the Let’s get ready to e-file screen. Select File by Mail. In the Change filing methods window choose File by mail for the 2018 New York Tax Return.  For all other returns select I’m not ready to file.
  10. Continue until you see Let’s print your taxes. Download, print and save the complete New York state tax return and Form NYC-1127.
  11. On Form NYC-1127 you'll need to manually enter the following:
    • Check the box on the top of page one of Form NYC-1127 next to Amended Return.
    • Hand write on Page 1, Section 2, Line 4, first column, if necessary: and amount paid (or refunded) with original return.
    • Prepare a separate statement that says: Amending 2018 Form NYC-1127 to report the correct Schedule A deductions and correct the NYC-1127 calculation. Enclosed amended Form NYC-1127 includes the amount I paid (or was refunded) with my original filed return. This payment (or refund) has been combined with the withholding reflected on attached Form 1127.2.
  12. Sign, date, and mail your amended Form NYC-1127 according to the TurboTax Form NYC-1127 Filing Instructions.
    • Attach a complete copy of the New York state income tax return including all schedules.
    • Attach a copy of your Wage & Withholding statement (Form 1127.2) and your separate written statement.
    • Mail the amended Form NYC-1127 and supporting documents to:

NYC Department of Finance

Section 1127

P.O. Box 5563

Binghamton, NY 13902-5563

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