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My state return keeps showing incomplete and i cant figure out why

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My state return keeps showing incomplete and i cant figure out why

Your State tax return most likely says incomplete due to many state forms not yet being available, so you have to wait until they are ready. Also, In order to e-file your State tax return you have to have already e-filed your Federal tax return and have it accepted before it will allow you to e-file your State return. Please see the state forms availability table below to see if all your State tax forms are ready:

Once your state forms are ready, you have e-filed your Federal tax return and it has been accepted, then you can follow the steps below to file your State return:

  1. Login to your TurboTax account.
  2. In the Welcome Home box, click Visit My Tax Timeline at the bottom.
  3. In the SOME THINGS YOU CAN DO section, click Add a state.
  4. Click on the State Taxes tab.
  5. Click Continue to start or complete your state taxes.
  6. Click Done with State.
  7. Continue through the flow to review and file your state taxes.

You may want to review the State Taxes section to confirm the return is complete.

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