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I need to pay my balance due to turbo tax

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I need to pay my balance due to turbo tax

Your best bet is to call customer support on Monday morning.  You can pay by phone using a credit card.  If you only have cash, the easiest thing is probably to go to a grocery or drug store and use that cash to buy a preloaded credit card or Visa or MasterCard gift card.  (They may be able to debit from your bank account with a verbal authorization, but I'm not sure.)

For customer support hours and link, see below. Use the web form and type your question or a keyword.  You will get an appropriate phone number for your issue. (You will not get a phone number if you use the link outside of operating hours.)

Level 15

I need to pay my balance due to turbo tax

If the IRS is holding your refund, or they reduced or offset your refund to the point where it’s not enough to cover your TurboTax fees, you'll receive a Request for Payment email, which includes instructions on how you can pay your TurboTax fees (minus the Refund Processing fee, if any).

If you do not pay your fees within the time frame specified in the email, you’ll receive 2 additional Account Debit Pending reminder emails.

Finally, if your fees are still unpaid 45 days after your original estimated refund date, we’ll debit your bank account for your TurboTax fees and you’ll receive a Debit to your bank account has been initiated notification email.

Note: If the IRS releases your refund after you've paid your TurboTax fees, we won't deduct your TurboTax fees twice. However, we still deduct the Refund Processing fee, if any.

You can pay those fees by using this link: