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Windows 7 Requirement

I just noted that Turbo Tax 2019 will require at least Windows 8 to be supported.

I like many others prefer to remain on Windows 7 because of multiple reasons.

I for one being in a consulting business would be required to update a host of software,

which includes Quick Books at a substantial cost. 

And, I DO NOT intend to use on-line Turbo Tax as you have suggested.

My choice may be other financial means of creating tax reporting.

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Level 20

Windows 7 Requirement

Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015, but extended support won't end until January 14, 2020.


While TurboTax 2019 software may well run on a PC using Win 7, it appears that TurboTax will not provide any support or assistance for users with 2019 software installed on PC using the Win 7 OS.


If you can find another tax preparation software company where the provider supports their 2019 software on a non-supported OS, let this message board know so we can pass that information on to other users.

Level 2

Windows 7 Requirement

Can you define loss of support and assistance for Turbo Tax 2019 on Windows 7.

It sounds like I could continue with Windows 7 and using the latest Turbo Tax just that I couldn't contact Turbo Tax for a problem that would be related to Windows 7.

I could live with that as long as I could install the latest Turbo Tax and could continue receiving updates as they occur.