Why does my daughter qualify on my taxes or stainl...
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Why does my daughter qualify on my taxes or stainless check

Why doesn’t my daughter qualify on my Texas or my impact check
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Why does my daughter qualify on my taxes or stainless check

Is she listed  as  dependent on your tax return? 

Will she be no older that 16 at the end of 2020 (born in 2004 or later)?

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Why does my daughter qualify on my taxes or stainless check

It depends.


In order for her to be claimed as a dependent, she would need to meet all of the qualifications.

  • She is related to you
  • She isn't claimed by someone else
  • She's a US citizen, resident alien, national, or Canadian or Mexican resident
  • She isn't filing a joint return with a spouse
  • She's under 19 or 24 years old if she is a full time student
  • She lives with you for over half of the year (except for temporary absences for college)
  • She didn't provide more than half of her own support

Please see the following link for more details.

Dependent qualifications


The stimulus check for dependents only applies to qualified dependents under the age of 17 as of December 31st of the year.


If you have a child who was 17, even if they are a student, you would not be entitled to a stimulus payment for them.


See the following for more information.

What does the stimulus package mean for you?


If you determine you should have received an additional $500 for each dependent, when you file your return in 2020, you will have the opportunity to report the amount of the stimulus check(s) you did receive. 


If it was less than what you were entitled to, you will receive a credit on your tax return in 2020.

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