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Why did u keep about 2k or more last year of.federal refund then months later serve me to pay another 1300 immediately

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Why did u keep about 2k or more last year of.federal refund then months later serve me to pay another 1300 immediately

What are you asking about?   TurboTax does not have your refund and did not take your refund.   If the IRS seized your refund then you should have received a letter of explanation as to why they took it.  Only the IRS can tell you.  TurboTax never knows about offsets to your refund.






TurboTax does not receive any information from the IRS or your state after your return was filed, so no one at TurboTax knows about a letter you received from the IRS or the state.


(what the letters from the IRS mean)





If you purchased Audit Defense:




TurboTax has a special phone number for help with IRS/state tax letters, which will be easier than going through regular Customer Support.   At the page below, click on the blue button that says "Get Help from TurboTax Support".  Then it will ask you what tax year is your letter.  Then it will ask you what the letter concerns. Then it will show you the phone number during posted business hours.


**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**
Level 1

Why did u keep about 2k or more last year of.federal refund then months later serve me to pay another 1300 immediately

So sorry I'm pretty certainly i.did not give a good explanation.  Last year federal was just about 1900 or 2900 ish. I kept getting updates that the refund was processed and there were no problems however the date came and went and. NO federal return. Weeks later I did receive a letter after literally going insane,.saying that I .getting the small state refund. However,.the changed their minds and kept the entire federal government student loans that were outrageous for a.2 year 1 and 1/4 year of school the highest charging for profit school around here.  My advisor assured me no worries,  the school is by no means for profit, I payed all of my books ols,.invested I  a great laptop, never took any loans for books electronics, supplies, food rent or even crazy antics like students requesting and receiving much more to pay their entire rent, utilities, double normal groceries,  tvs, cell phones, car payment,books as getting tons extra in loans for car insurance,  clothes and makeup. I'm sorry but I .so upset that the ppl in question made as much if not sufficiently more and after speaking with  a.few.graduates they confirmed that they never even made the 3-5kper quarter round the school or they would no longer be students there. They never made even a small single payment to the School and have never paid  a penny for the government student massive loans and graduates with no issues as they received for 

The dumbest stuff which was COMPLETELY unacceptable and screwed us students whom made any payments possible any time before they were due. Now filing taxes it shows over 1600,.What ever my entire refund will be will never be deposited and go directly to the loan. Also after they kept late year federal return I was sent.t a other letter from an attorney stating.i have less than 1.week to bring a cashier check for 2k or.a bit more to their office or they will.keep all.future returns, upfor not having this extra $ the just sprung onme. I took any pay day loans that is still pay 38%interest rates on and I don't have any person here on my side and help me as the taxes  begin withheld than demanding $ I don't have has my life and the person I used to be. Please help me any time and advice would be greatly appreciated  have a blessed week!


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