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Where put shipping postage etc. on 1099k Schedule C?

I am an eBay seller. Filed extension and still working on the unfinished 1099k Schedule C

Need confirmations from you guys if following deductions are categorized correctly on Schedule C?

Form 1040 - Schedule C 

Reference for filling form: Instructions for Schedule C   Business Expenses   Tax Guide for Small Business 


Thank you in advance!

(1) eBay returns/PayPal refund: Part I - Income, Line 2: Returns and allowances


(2) eBay/PayPal fees: Part II - Expenses, Line 10: Commissions and fees


(3) Shipping materials like boxes, bubble wrappers: Line 22 Supplies (not included in Part III) .(or listed under Line 27a Other expenses? not sure???)


(4) Shipping postage: Line 27a Other expenses or Line 48


(5) I paid an guy for QA/testing/repair service. Where to list this deduction? If I put it on Part III - Cost of Goods Sold. Line 37 Cost of labor, Seems I have to send IRS a form 1099 MISC for how much I paid this guy? However I am an individual, not a company. I don't have this guy's SSN and I don't think he
will give me. I doubt I will be able to send out 1099 MISC for IRS to check against if this guy really reported this income.
Or can I put it on Part II - Expenses, Line 21: Repairs and maintenance? Or I list it on Line 27a Other expenses or Line 48?  I also bought tools and device to test and repair and where do I list these costs?


(6) I have loss in damaged merchandise in shipping, defective item that's not repairable and won't be replaced by my supplier. Where should I put this?

BTW, do any deductions listed in "Other expense" will increase the probability of audit?

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