What do I what do I do if I've lost my 1099 and my...
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What do I what do I do if I've lost my 1099 and my w-2s how do I file

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What do I what do I do if I've lost my 1099 and my w-2s how do I file

You double up on your efforts to get copies of those documents.   


W-2's come from your employer, and they have until Jan. 31 to issue it.  Some employers allow you to import the W-2 through the software, but for security reasons you still need information from the actual W-2 to import it.  You might need to phone, drop in, email and/or snail mail an old employer to make sure they know where to send your W-2.


There are about two dozen kinds of 1099's.  A 1099Misc is typically issued by an individual or business for whom you performed work as an independent contractor, so seek a copy from them if you did not save yours.  Many of the other types of 1099's are issued by banks, brokerages and other financial institutions from which you can seek copies.














Other ways to get W-2’s:


Pay Social Security $86 per W-2:





You can get a wage and income transcript from the IRS:  It will not show the actual W-2, 1099’s, etc, but will show the income information the IRS received.  It will not, however, show your state information. It will only show the federal information.




If you are getting a tax refund there is no penalty for filing after the deadline.  If you owe tax due, you are now late.  The deadline to file and pay was July 15, so if you owe, you are now subject to late filing penalties and interest.





**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**
Level 15

What do I what do I do if I've lost my 1099 and my w-2s how do I file

And for self employment 1099Misc you don't actually need to get it.  You should be entering your income from your own records.  You might not get the 1099Misc for some income.  You can enter your total income as Cash income.  Only the total goes to schedule C.

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