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TT Deluxe software error...  I willreceive a $1200 refund but am being asked to figure my underpayment penalty???

I completed my 1040 and it was reviewed for any errors by the  turbotax software.

I was to receive  a refund of $1180 because I overpaid taxes my 2018 tax

The review reported my 1040 had no  problems and was ready for e filing. 


After e filing my 1040 , I received an email from the IRS with the message

“Your return was rejected because line A of form 2210  was checked and  you must file page 1 of form  2210 but aren’t required to pay a penalty”

Please see below jpg image


Can some knowledgeable forum member please explain what the problem may be and how I can correct it so I can e file it again 


2210 cap.JPG