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Treatment of 1099-G within New Jersey Return

I live in NJ work in Philly.  In 2018 I filed a wage tax refund petition for 2015, 2016 & 2017 to Philly for wage taxes paid into Philly for time not worked in Philly during 2015-2017 and received a refund.  Philly provided me with a 1099-G for each year with the refund recorded in Box 2.  I've included this refund within my Federal return.  Turbo Tax, however, did not post this refund over to my NJ State return within income.  Should the 1099-G should be treated as income for NJ State?  Also, each year I take a credit for taxes paid to Philly against my NJ tax liability (Turbo Tax assists with this).  What is the proper treatment of this 1099-G refund from Philly within my NJ return for 2018?