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Stuck in TT Free or IRS

I am helping my son with his 2018 return. In 2017 he filed for free (I think).  This year, it makes him start for free, tells him he doesn't qualify and sends him "back" to (even though he didn't start there).   The only way out of going to is to clear his return - which usually locks up but sometimes works.  Once his return is cleared out, he can start at the TT page where you would normally select a product but instead every single product starts for "free" and he winds up at the link again.   I really want to pay Intuit for Turbo tax so my son can file his taxes but they won't let me.  When I filed mine, I kept getting ads, in the middle of filling out forms, asking if I wanted to upgrade.  It drove me crazy - now I would be very happy if I got an ad that allowed me to upgrade from "free" to something that would actually let my son file his taxes.  What the heck is going on? Has anyone else run into this and how did you get around the thing?  I've used Turbo tax for over 10 years and I usually tell everyone how good it is.  Not any more.  Ooops, now I can't even post this message!

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Stuck in TT Free or IRS

Hi @mprisco , 

It sounds like there may be a cookie stored on the computer being used.  If he is logged out completely and then the cache and cookies are cleared (directions here,)  then you should be able to access and start the deluxe version for free.  If in fact you experience additional difficulties after this, it will be necessary to create a completely new login for the paid version outside of the free website which you can also do at the above site.