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State Taxes did not Adjust after Federal Correction

BE AWARE: I accidentally put the wrong value for my HSA contributions, I entered the amount my employer paid for my health care (Box 12d "DD") This was a significant number and skewed all my taxes Fed and State. I found the problem and fixed it and my Fed was back to normal but the states (CT & NY) did not adjust. It was showing $12,000 as other income. I tried to "revisit" several times but but it did not correct the problem. Ultimately had to delete the states and start over. Note: My W2 did not automatically import for some reason which is why I ended up entering numbers manually. However, the fact that it did not adjust automatically is bad!! I almost sent NY at check for $1000!! 


So, before you file, if you have to correct anything on your Federal taxes it might be good idea to delete the states and then re-do them since most of the data comes from the Federal forms. Unless Intuit fixes this problem.