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Self employed PTC after premium?

This is my first year of taxable full SE income, and I'm doing estimate taxes based on the turbotax self employed estimates. I'm estimating ~79k income, I originally estimated at around 69k and was eligible for a healthcare marketplace plan, but not for advanced payment assistance...


So we're looking at around 13500 of healthcare premium (wife is unemployed this year) so based on what I've read our MAGI will be 65.5k which is below the 400% PTC cap for 2020 of 68,960.


Since we were not eligible for PTC when I applied for healthcare in december19, will i be able to get any credit back since Income-Premium is under the PTC cap even though we didn't get any advanced payment help? Should i send the healthcare marketplace an updated income of the 79k or should i maybe send them the adjusted MAGI of 65.5k? It seems this PTC is super confusing when your on the edge like this of possibly being eligible for a credit...


Also something else i noticed thats weird, the QB self-employed seems to have me paying estimate taxes based off of total income, even though i'm marking healthcare premiums in my bank account as healthcare premium, shouldn't the taxes be paid on the MAGI not the AGI? Unless i'm missing it somewhere deducting it from the estimate taxes.