Residency clarification for Child tax Credit 2018?
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Residency clarification for Child tax Credit 2018?

Am I  allowed to get the 2018 Child tax Credit for my two children although they both lived  most of 2018 (and went to school) in Europe with my wife (who is their mother), because my wife was there for her work (in a non-USA institution)?  


Note that I provided more than 50% of their cost of living and lived in USA all 2018 (except for vacation time, and business travels), and that they visited me for about 2 months in 2018.  


Note lso that my wife and I file jointly our tax return, and claim the foreign-earned income credit for her European income. 


Please advise. Thx in advance!  

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Residency clarification for Child tax Credit 2018?

If all the following are true, then the answer seems to be yes.

1. The children are US citizens with social security numbers.

2. They lived more than half the year with you (or with your spouse if you are filing jointly)

3. You and your spouse are both US citizens.

4. You are claiming them as dependents on your (joint) tax return.


As long as the children are citizens, lived with a parent and can be claimed as dependents, there does not seem to be a US residency requirement. 

*Answers are correct to the best of my ability at the time of posting but do not constitute legal or tax advice.*
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