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New Member

Reset credit card authorization

How do i reset my credit card authorization
2 Replies
New Member

Reset credit card authorization

resetting the credit card authorization is a very cumbersome and time consuming process.  It is a 2 step process, the first step is getting in touch with someone at turbo tax and after they put you on hold for 20 min or so while they press a few buttons they resume the call with you and inform you that you have to call Pay 1040 at 888-658-5465.  Now, once you wait on hold for about 30 min for Pay 1040 to answer they can usually complete the second step without too much difficulty unless you have an American Express card, then it becomes somewhat more problematic. Pay 1040 as the vendor will have to call AMEX and authorize AMEX to release the hold they have on the original amount.  As I type this it is 2:24 am on 4/19/17 and I've been trying to get mine reset since 10:25 pm on 4/18/17.  This information isn't in the Turbo Tax message system but it should be.  In fact, I don't even understand why this needs to be done, however, if it is required somewhere then Intuit should streamline the process by creating a link to click on the initiate step one at Intuit, once step one is complete the instructions to call Pay 1040 should be made available.  If this process were automated I seriously doubt I would have been working on this for over 4 hours. 

New Member

Reset credit card authorization

Wow, what a nightmare, after reading this I decided to change my credit card, which worked without all the hassle.

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