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Reporting RSU vesting sell-to-cover w/1099-B

RSU was vested in 2018 with sell-to-cover option. I didn't sell the rest. The gross value shows up on my W-2 in Box 14 as RSTOCK, which turbotax don't know how to handle it.


I also received 1099-b for the RSU due to sell-to-cover. It said "Transations for which basis is not reported to the IRS and for which Short or Long Term determination is unknown(to broker)".  


Should I fill this 1099-B form in TurboTax? If yes, then what's the total cost basis(empty in the form). Is "short term notcovered" right for Sales category? 

And the 1099-B has number in "Federal income tax withheld" field, anything should I do with that number?