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How do I make a suggestion to turbotax

Dear TurboTax,

I've been using your software for years and I appreciate the functionality and accuracy of the program.

However, this year there was a problem.

On years when I have a refund, I have never taken the refund but would always select the option to apply to the next year's tax liability.

For 2018, that option was either not available, or it was difficult to find.  I even went back and forth in my effort to find and select, but it wasn't there for me.

Could have been my mistake or lack of computer skills, but, I'm not really that much of a novice.

Just thought I would comment about that in hope whatever caused that option to be elusive will be corrected  before next year.

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Level 16

How do I make a suggestion to turbotax

Thank you for your feedback, I will bring your post to the attention of the TurboTax Moderators.

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How do I make a suggestion to turbotax

I am responding to you because you appear to have the ability to pass suggestions along to Intuit.


I use TT Home and Business and I am a partner in a partnership with operations in multiple states.  I am included in the partnership's composite tax return for all states in which I have taxable income and am a non-resident.  This version of the program requires me to prepare tax returns for all states in which I had taxable income in order to e-File, even though I am not required by those states to file a non-resident return.  I would suggest that future years include an option to designate non-resident state income as being covered by a composite return and to bypass the non-resident returns.  Thank you.

Level 16

How do I make a suggestion to turbotax

@jr6239  I will pass your feedback to the TurboTax Moderators.