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Rhode Island rules regarding rental losses

Apologies if this isn't worded correctly.  I'm struggling with how to ask my question.  🙂


My wife and I purchased a rental property in RI in 2018, but we live in another state.  The net result of our rental "business" was a $15K loss for the year (1040 schedule E, line 21). 


Based on the new fed rules, because our AGI was greater than $150K, we weren't allowed to deduct the loss on our fed taxes (schedule E, line 22).


It appears that RI has adopted the same rule, because on RI-1040NR, column A only shows the rental income we received.  Line 9 (assuming that's where the loss would show up?) is zero.  Am I correct in assuming that RI has adopted the federal rules and also doesn't allow rental/business losses if a person's AGI is greater than $150K?


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!




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Employee Tax Expert

Rhode Island rules regarding rental losses

The rules for Rhode Island Passive Rental Losses are pretty much the same as federal rules.  You can read more about it at this link.   There are also some example situations at that link.