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Problem Having 2017 Tax pick up 2016 Tax

I started TurboTax 2017 and then realized Turbo 2016 was in another Laptop.  I moved Turbo 2016 on a Zip Drive and moved it into the laptop I am currently using.  But Turbo 2017 does not capture previous Tax Return Turbo 2016. 


What can I do to get 2017 to pick up 2016 - or is it really necessary?  In past years, when working in same laptop, the present Tax year (2016) would recognize the past year (2015) and move appropriate info as necessary.


Thanks for any advice...Nancy

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Level 12

Problem Having 2017 Tax pick up 2016 Tax

You may not have moved the right file.  For 2016, you might have a pdf file saved and also a TurboTax file (.tax2016).  You need to use the .tax2016 file and then the 2017 program should pick it up as an option to transfer when you start a new return.


Also, make sure you have the .tax2016 file on the same hard drive as the 2017 program if your computer has a split hard drive or it may not read it.


Whether its really necessary depends on the information you have in your return.  If you have like rental properties and business assets with depreciation etc, then you will want the prior year return to carryover all of that data.  But, if you don't have carryovers or information such as the above to transfer, then its not a necessary thing - it will just give you a jumpstart by pre-filling information and comparing it to last year.