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New Member

I can't file my taxes

Filing transmission failed
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Level 15

I can't file my taxes

@ tc5780 wrote:
I can't file my taxes.
Filing transmission failed

Unfortunately, that's too vague.  You didn't provide any info or provide the full error message.   So I'll take a guess.


Are you a foreign filer, and did you happen to get a longer error message that included this:

601ERRV:5, CustHdr_17 - ?:? - Invalid SMS Number. Must be between 10 and 10 digits.


Or is it something else?

New Member

I can't file my taxes

Yes im a foreign filer, and it is giving me the message you quoted to me. 

How do I go about with this 

Level 15

I can't file my taxes

If you have a phone number listed in your Intuit Account settings, then you must make sure you use a valid 10-digit domestic USA phone number in both your Intuit Account settings and in your return.  Or you can try removing the phone number in the Intuit Account.


See if this FAQ helps:

FAQ:   601ERRV:5  Invalid SMS Number


See if this answer by TurboTax CatinaT1 helps:


Also see this answer by TurboTax DawnC in the thread linked below.  She also says it may be possible to leave the phone number blank in the Intuit Account settings.


Also see this other thread with other out-of-country users with the same problem who were able to correct the error.  Several have posted anecdotes there about how they solved it.   If you continue to have trouble, post there, and they may be able to help you.



A couple of users have said that even after making changes to (or removing) the phone in the Intuit Account, the efile problem still happened, until they logged out of TurboTax then logged back in. Apparently that reset something.


So if you make any changes to the phone number listed in your Intuit Account settings, after you save the settings, log out of TurboTax and close the browser. Then reopen it and log back in and try to efile.

Expert Alumni

I can't file my taxes

Seems like there is something to do with your phone number.  Click here to see other customers' discussions and possible solutions:  Error message


As a foreign filer, the IRS allows you to have a foreign address on your tax return. They usually contacts you through correspondence by mail.  Just make sure to enter your foreign address under the "Mailing Address section" in the program. To see how to enter the foreign address in the program, click here: Foreign address


For more information, click here: E-file with foreign address


However, you do need to have a US phone number.  This is a requirement from the IRS.  They only accept the US phone number, unfortunately.  You might want to use one of your friends or family member's phone number.

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