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Daughter is 13 yo depending with investment account

I got a 1099-DIV for $80 dollars.  Her social security is on the account.  Since she doesn't file for tax return as she doesn't have any income, do I need to claim that income?  Do I need to modify the for to reflect her social security number or do I keep my SSN on the form?



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Daughter is 13 yo depending with investment account

No, if your dependent child made less than $1100 in "unearned income" (interest, dividends, capital gains) you do not need to include it on your return, and she probably doesn't need to file a tax return unless she has other "earned" income.


Here are two articles that will provide more details:  


Do I need to file my own taxes if I am a dependent?


Do I need to report my child's Income on my Return?

You will not need to make any changes to the form.  If she meets the filing requirements in the links above, she will 

include the income on her own return, under her own social security number.


[Edited KarenM90 3/8/2020 4:24 pst]

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