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Level 2

Locked out of account

Please help, the site will not allow me to log on and when i wait the 15 minutes it still locks me out for an additional 15 minutes for the last 1.5 hours..

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Level 20

Locked out of account

Contact TurboTax support for this problem.


Use this website to contact TurboTax support during business hours -
Support can also be reached by messaging them on these pages and

Level 20

Locked out of account

After the 15 minutes, have you tried a different browser to see if that makes a difference?


If still unsuccessful, if you using a paid version of TurboTax (PLUS or higher), you can phone TurboTax Support for assistance:


Hours are currently 5AM-9PM Pacific (8AM-12 Midnight Eastern) during this last part of extended filing season.  So disregard the hours mentioned in that FAQ.