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IRS says Turbo Tax AGI error

I called the IRS. I have my Turbo Tax hard copy from 2018 with the correct AGI that I entered in my 2019 form. I selected transmit and I receive shortly after the Action Needed email which says my AGI is incorrect.

The IRS official I spoke with says there are numerous Turbo Tax callers reporting the same issue.

Naturally I cannot speak with a Turbo Tax employee since I am using the free version.


How can I either find out if there is an issue or how to speak with someone regarding the error?

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IRS says Turbo Tax AGI error

For AGI Reject code 031

When did you file 2018? If it was late in the year try putting in zero for the AGI. And see,

How to correct the AGI

If you can’t get it to efile you will have to print and mail it.
How to mail a return from the Online version

Be sure to attach copies of your W2s and any 1099s that have withholding on them.  You have to mail federal and state in separate envelopes because they go to different places.  Get a tracking number from the post office when you mail them for proof of filing.