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IL 4644, box E and F - RSUs that vested in 2016, sold in 2017? (FMV and tax basis question)



TurboTax left a field blank on my IL-4644 "Gain from sales of an employer's securities received from a qualified plan" which is why I am asking this question.  I am an Illinois resident.



I am currently filing for my 2017 taxes, and had 10 shares that vested at $736.76 each in 2016.  The shares were RSUs provided by the company as part of my compensation plan.  I paid the taxes for them out-of-pocket, and did not sell-to-cover.  In 2017, I sold the shares at a gain, and each share was $845.00.  I also paid $15 commission for the sale as well, so my gross proceeds less commission was $8,434.86).



My question comes to this - for my IL-4644, Turbotax complained that I needed to fill out one of the fields (not sure if was E or F).  Box D "gain reported on federal return" was pre-filled at $1,067.  From my understanding Box E "Fair Market Value on Distribution Date" should be $7368.  And Box F "Federal Tax Basis on Distribution Date" should be $7383 ($7368 + $15 commission).


Does that sound about right, specifically for Box E and F since TurboTax did not know what to do with those fields?  Thanks!