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If you need to use a 1099-G for unemployment then you must pay to file return. This is very misleading and not fair when I have now found out Seger others don’t charge

When referred to TurboTax free thru IRS.Giv etc, the charge should be clearly explained ahead of time and the alternatives provided at that time. Instead, I was misled into thinking that there was no FREE option for me when I’m already struggling and is reason I need to use the 1099-G.  Instead I went ahead with it and got charged to use TurboTax when many others including H&R Block and TaxSlayer and other alternatives would not have taken advantage of myself and others in similar situation still allow you to file for FREE even WITH 1099-G for unemployment. I feel very misled, disappointed and frustrated and will be continuing to try to inform others of this truly tasteless way that I was charged when I had confidence in TurboTax from using them for many years before and the link from Maybe $50-100 less in a refund doesn’t impact others but especially for people that were unemployed during the year, this $ really means a lot to us.  I really thought Intuit & TurboTax were more credible then to generate income in this manner. Please be aware of this and let others know. And if you find this as disappointing and tasteless as I do then maybe even you will use H&R Block or one of the many other competitors that do not try and take advantage of people that are at some of their most trying times of their life.