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I use TurboTax online but I want to do some what ifs for 2017. How can I do that using TurboTax?

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I use TurboTax online but I want to do some what ifs for 2017. How can I do that using TurboTax?

You CANNOT massage the .tax file in any way when using the TTax On-Line version. ANY changes (what-ifs) that you make will PERMANENTLY change your .tax file.

You have 2 options:

Buy the Desktop version and install it on your computer --you can download the .tax2015 file from your On-Line return and use it to open your Desktop version. (You CANNOT upload the .tax2015 from a Desktop return to work in the 2015 On-Line version.)  The Desktop version CAN do 'What-If' scenarios.


Create a new On-Line account for each 'what-if' that you want to try. In TurboTax Online, you'll have to create a test account separate from your regular TurboTax account and create a test return there. We recommend adding "test" or similar to your User ID so you can easily distinguish it from your actual account.  

If you want to play around with different figures and tax scenarios without affecting your original return you can

In the TurboTax CD/Download software by creating a test copy:

1.  Open your return in TurboTax.

2.  From the File menu, choose Save As.

3.  Give the copy a new name to distinguish it from the original (for example, by adding "Test" or "Example" to the file name).

4. Click  Save. You are now safely working in the test copy and anything you do here will not affect the original.


Or use the WHAT IF tool:

- Click Forms Icon (upper right of screen) or Ctrl 2 (forms view)

- Click on the Open Form Icon

- In the “Type a form name..” area type What-If (with the dash), click on the name of the worksheet - click on Open Form

- You will see the worksheet on the right side of the screen; enter the information right into the form

- To get back to interview mode - click on the Step-by-Step Icon (upper right of screen) or Ctrl 1

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