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Filing US Federal Tax Return From Canada

I am a US Citizen permanently residing in Canada. I was using a CPA Firm to file my US tax return every year, however this year they increased their rate to over $1000 USD.


I want to use Turbo Tax to file, however I am not sure it will do the job I need.


I am self employed with a registered corporation in Ontario, Canada from which I draw an salary.  The Corp net income is $0.


I file taxes in Canada, so my personal income is foreign to the USA.  I make max contributions to an RRSP and I do not have a TFSA.


Will Turbo Tax be sufficient for filing my US Federal Return?





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Filing US Federal Tax Return From Canada

I use Turbo Tax for a number of US citizens residing in Canada and it works great. Keep in mind that you need tax programs for your Canadian return and your corporation return. 

Most people in your position as described will not pay any US tax but returns are required anyway.