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I found out my 2016 was rejected.

I found out my 2016 was rejected and I just discovered it. I need help with getting this fixed. I can't contact TurboTax because they wont pick up. I really need help. How can I pay it off? 

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I found out my 2016 was rejected.

Most e-filed rejections are for an incorrect prior year AGI, an incorrect date of birth or a Social Security number entered where another return was already received with the same SS number.  But those errors are all moot since a 2016 tax return can now only be printed and mailed.  So unless you know that there is a specific error that needs to be corrected on the 2016 tax return, then just print, sign, date and mail the return to the IRS.


Include with the mailed return any forms W-2 and 1099 which have taxes withheld.  Go to this IRS website for mailing addresses -

There are no penalties for filing a tax return after the due date if filing for a tax refund or there are no taxes owed.


To access a prior year online tax return and you did not use TurboTax for the 2017 tax return or you did not pay for one of the 2017 online editions of either Plus, Deluxe, Premier or Self-Employed, you will need to start a 2018 Free online tax return and then Upgrade and pay for the Plus edition ($19.99).  You do not have to file the 2018 tax return only pay for the upgrade.

Go to this TurboTax website for the 2018 online editions -

You have to sign onto the 2018 account using the exact same User ID you used to create the prior year online tax return.  Enter your personal information in the 2018 Free edition. On the left side of the screen click on Upgrade.  Scroll down and select PLUS More Help & Tools.  Click on Upgrade Now (if Plus is grayed out then you are already using Plus and only need to pay for the upgrade)

To pay the TurboTax online account fees by credit card so you can access your prior year online tax returns, click on Tax Tools on the left side of the online program screen.  Then click on Print Center.  Then click on Print, save or preview this year's return.  On the next page, to pay by credit card, click Pay Now.  On the next screen just click on the Continue button.  The next screen will show a review of your Fees, click on Continue.  Complete the next screen to pay by credit card and click Continue.

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I found out my 2016 was rejected.

you can no longer efile it.  it must be mailed.  follow the TT filing instructions.   Mail by a method where you get proof of delivery.   to file, you'll also need to attach all federal withholding forms. 


 you have several options for payment. 

1) send a check with return and 1040-V.  make sure the check has your SSN, email address, address and "2016 form 1040"

2) go to IRS website and click on make a payment.  - can use direct pay (direct withdrawal from checking or savings account, debit card or credit card.    afterwards print a copy of the proof of payment page.  

3) same day wire

4)  money order - retain all documentation in case you need to prove payment. 

5) cash at certain retail partners



don't include penalties for late filing and late payment at this tine.  let the IRS bill you.     if you have a reasonable cause for not realizing return wasn't accepted, when you get the bill for penalties, you may be able to request abatement   which is much more difficult if you pay them up front because your sort of acknowledging you had no reasonable cause.   good luck