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I filed my taxes in February and it is July and I still haven’t gotten my taxes I would like to know why it was rejected

I am supposed to get 3,842
And I haven’t gotten a letter from the irs so I would like to know what’s going on cause it says that I filed
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I filed my taxes in February and it is July and I still haven’t gotten my taxes I would like to know why it was rejected

Waiting and not knowing the status of your tax return and refund can be frustrating.
Unfortunately TurboTax gets no information about the status of your refund.
In normal times, the IRS says that most filers get their refunds within 21 days from the time their tax return is accepted.
Many returns are taking longer now since the IRS did not process returns for a while and there is now a big backlog of unprocessed returns.
To protect the public and employees, and in compliance with orders of local health authorities around the country, certain IRS services such as live assistance on telephones, processing paper tax returns and responding to correspondence are still limited.
They are now taking phone calls with a limited staff but it's hard to get through.
Press reports indicate they are processing about 1 million mailed returns a week working through the backlog of millions of unprocessed mailed returns.

If you efiled your return, have you confirmed that the return was submitted by TurboTax and accepted by the IRS?

If accepted, what does the IRS tracking web site say about the status of your refund?

If you mailed your return, you must print and mail it yourself. TurboTax does not mail it for you. You will not be able to start tracking your return until the IRS starts processing it.

Here is an IRS Q&A with information about refunds:

See this info about the current status of IRS operations:


Call the IRS: 1-800-829-1040 hours 7 AM - 7 PM local time Monday-Friday
When calling the IRS do NOT choose the first option re: "Refund", or it will send you to an automated phone line.
So after first choosing your language, then do NOT choose Option 1 (refund info). Choose option 2 for "personal income tax" instead.
Then press 1 for "form, tax history, or payment".
Then press 3 "for all other questions."
Then press 2 "for all other questions."
- When it asks you to enter your SSN or EIN to access your account information, don't enter anything.
- After it asks twice, you will get another menu.
Press 2 for personal or individual tax questions.
Then press 4 for all other inquiries
It should then transfer you to an agent.

Level 15

I filed my taxes in February and it is July and I still haven’t gotten my taxes I would like to know why it was rejected

"I would like to know why it was rejected"




If your e-file was rejected, it did not ever go to the IRS, so you have no reason to expect to hear from the IRS about it.  When your return was rejected, you received an email telling you the reason for the rejection.  What did it say?  EXACTLY?  


If your TurboTax account is saying ""Rejected," "Printed," or "Ready to Mail," then your return was never transmitted to the IRS.


Did you e-file?  Did you click a big orange button that said “Transmit my returns now?”


When you e-file your federal return you will receive two emails from TurboTax.  The first one will say that your return was submitted.  The second email will tell you if your federal return was accepted or rejected.  If you e-filed a state return, there will be a third email to tell you if the state accepted or rejected your state return.



Some rejected returns can be fixed and re-filed.  Some have “un-fixable” reasons for the rejection and have to be mailed instead.

You received a rejection email that we cannot see.  Please tell us word for word what it says so we know how to help you.  Or even copy and paste the email message.


**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**