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I filed a NC State extension with a payment?

I filed a NC State extension with a payment. Where can I insert the amount so that I can get the credit? I assume Form D400 TC, however I can't find a logicl place to enter it except part 3 line 19 - but that can't seem to be modified.

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I filed a NC State extension with a payment?

An NC extension payment is to be entered in the Federal section  (yeah...might be a bit confusing)

>Federal Taxes

>>Deductions& Credits

scroll down to "Estimates and Other Taxes Paid " section and enter the section for:

>>>Other Income Taxes

>>>>>Payment with 2018 state extension

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I filed a NC State extension with a payment?

I paid state tax to 2 states. I report the total under "Federal" Taxes - "Deductions & Credits" as "Multiple States"


Now I do the NC return and I do not see a place to report the Part of the above that was paid to NC.


How can I report it?

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I filed a NC State extension with a payment?



Depends on which state taxes paid you are talking didn't specify which. 

1)  There are state taxes paid in 2018 as a balance due on your 2017 state tax returns. 

2)  There are state taxes paid in 2018 for 2016 or an earlier year (either as a late filings, or  amended state tax returns.)

3) there are state extension payments made in 2018 for 2017 tax returns

4) there are state extension payments made in 2019 for 2018 tax returns

5) and a few other situations, including a couple types of quarterly estimated payments for 2017 or if none of these, then you are going to have to detail them.....


For 1-thru 4 they are initially entered all on the Federal Deductions&Credits page under "Other Income Taxes".  But for :

#1)   You add each state separately for this one.  When you enter the first state, you can click on "Add another state" and specify the next state....etc...until each is done.  Then the $$ transfer to each state tax return automatically

#2)  For 2016 or earlier years, You can't currently specify individual states.  You put in a total without indicating a state.  Then when you get to the Federal review, it will be indicating an error, and you enter "XX" to indicate More Than One State.  In the state tax return, for most states, you don't indicate that payment on the 2018 tax'd have to amend the 2016, or prior year state tax return to indicate the payment to a "non-resident " state tax return to get a potential additional refund from the non-resident state.  The payment to NC wouldn't be a 2018 deduction for NC if NC was your resident state.

#3) For 2017 state extension payments made in 2018, the entries allow you to enter separate states as in #1.   They are not made in the state section at all as they are not applicable to 2018 state taxes in any way.

#4)  For 2018 state extension payments  made this year (2019).  You select "Multiple states" in the Federal section and put in the total.   Then when you get to the NC tax return (probably similar for other states) .  You run thru the entire NC state interview...and if you don't see it on the first full pass. Get into the NC section again, and from the NC menu select :

.........."Other Situations" 

then..."File an Extension"

then ..."Do Extension"

then...ignore the next page with tow boxes...and Continue

then....Put in your extension payment for NC on the next page

then step thru the rest of the pages, ignoring the prompt to print the extension....since that was supposedly already done by you at some other date.......Print out your NC D-400 before filing and check to ensure that the $$ entered show up on line 21b.


IF for'll have to describe details of exactly which state payments you are talking about.

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I filed a NC State extension with a payment?

It was for #4 and I did the extension (with payment) on NC dept. of revenue web site. 


I solved it by going manually to the tax form on the desktop version and edited the field (payed with extension).  Can not do editing on the web version.


However, Your solution should work for both the desktop and for the web version.