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New Member

I don't know why I'm being forced into AMT... I've never had to pay it...and now it seems I do...

I don't have any extraordinary gains that my employer hasn't already deducted for.  The only investments I sold (Employee Restricted Stock (RSU's) were "Pre-Taxed" I had 100 Shares vesting... I only received 60 shares net... the 40 shares were used to pay taxes.  Gains on investments were pretty immaterial and dividends were less than $400.  Please let me know.

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Level 13

I don't know why I'm being forced into AMT... I've never had to pay it...and now it seems I do...

This is a user to user forum.  Nobody here can see your income tax return.  Nobody here can see your computer screen.

"TurboTax" is not the "preparer" of your income tax return, you are.  So you really need to understand your income tax return well enough to be confident that the income tax return you submit - the one you sign under penalty of perjury - is correct.  If mindlessly entering information off little pieces of "government approved" forms could produce an correct income tax return the majority of the time then the IRS would have implemented that situation.  (They are working to get there, no doubt, but haven't gotten there yet.)

While the exercise of an ISO can be enough to put you into an AMT situation the simple vesting and sale of a 100 share RSU would not be anything I'd point to as an "AMT trigger". 

The AMT is calculated on Form 6251 so that's the Form to look at to see why you have been "forced" into the AMT.  I don't use the "online" versions because all the Forms, Schedules and Worksheets aren't available to you until you pay.  I'd advise that you pay for your income tax return - and not file - until you can understand whether being subject to the AMT is correct, or not.

Tom Young

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