HSA excess contributions error
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New Member

HSA excess contributions error

My husband and I are employed by the same entity. My husband carries the HDHP for our family and the associated HSA account. I do NOT have a separate HSA account. Annually, our employer contributes $2050 to my husband's HSA which is clearly indicated on his W2 as code W in box 12. Our employer also contributes $250 to my husband's HSA account on my behalf which is indicated on my W2 as code W in box 12. TurboTax thinks we both have an HSA and is claiming $250 in excess contributions for me. THere is a page that askes if each of you has an HSA or FSA or MRA. It defaulted to having HSA checked for both of us. So I changed it to None of the Above for me but when I click continue, it reverts back to thinking we both have an HSA. I guess since my employer listed the $250 as code W in box 12. How do I fix this?!

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HSA excess contributions error

there is no such thing as a joint HSA.  if the employer put the contribution on your W-2 the HSA is supposed to be in your name.  maybe your employer is messing up.  if the $250 is going into your husband's account it should be on his W-2, not yours.    have you received your 5498-SA's which are supposed to report HSA activity and come from the trustee/custodian?     

New Member

HSA excess contributions error

@Anonymous We have the 1099-SA for his HSA. It shows the $250 from my W2 in with his annual contribution total. Sounds like my employer needs to fix our W2's, right? Or could I just enter the $250 on him...just add it to what his box 12 has on his W2 & leave it off mine? Since that is truly what happened anyway. Or is that a red flag

Employee Tax Expert

HSA excess contributions error

If your employer truly put $250 of your pay into your husband's HSA, then it should be marked with code W in box 12 on your W-2.


However, in the screens right after your W-2, you should have told TurboTax that the entire amount went to your husband's HSA.


HACKITOFF is right that there is no such thing as a joint HSA (even though you both benefit from it). You could actually have your own HSA.


NOTE: the 1099-SA will not show contributions; did you mean the 5498-SA?


No, don't have your employer change the W-2s. Make sure that you told TurboTax that the $250 went to his HSA.

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