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How to see all interest/dividends/whatever by who they belong to, or other such information, in one place?

I'm using TurboTax 2018 Premier Desktop.  I want to be able to view a list of all items of Interest Income, or Dividends, or 1099 entries, or whatever, without having to click on each item one at a time, and see information that's not included in the main list.  For example, I can go to Federal Taxes, Wages & Income, Interest on 1099-INT, Update, and it shows all the items in a list with the columns Received From, Interest, Tax-Exempt Interest, and US Treasury Interest.  But it doesn't, for example, have a column showing who the interest belongs to.  For that information, I have to click on the Edit button for each item in the list, one at a time, then click the Back button, and click the Edit button for the next item in the list.  It's quite inconvenient.


Is there a way to add additional columns to the main list, such as who the interest belongs to, or is there a worksheet or report somewhere that lists all the additional information in one place?  It's quite inconvenient to have to click on each item in all these lists one at a time in order to see more information.  Thanks.