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New Member

How to file 2018 taxes

how to purchase for 2018
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How to file 2018 taxes

@smpichini-54 - note that if you beleive you are due a refund, the deadline to file for a 2018 tax year refund was April 15, 2022.; the IRS will not pay a refund request at this late date. 


if you beleive you owe, you srtill owe....

Level 15

How to file 2018 taxes

Software for 2018 is no longer available, nor is it supported.  Even if you can buy it on eBay etc. you will not be able to get updates for the software so the results will not be accurate.   You are too late to receive a refund for a 2018 tax return; the refund has already been forfeited.   So even if the tax form shows a refund, you cannot receive the refund.   If you owe tax due, however, you owe it forever, and the IRS wants to be paid with penalties and interest.


If you want to use the forms to prepare the return by hand to mail in:


2018 Form 1040, Schedules and Instructions
2018 Tax and EIC Tables

IRS 2018 Schedules 1 thru 6 (only if needed)
Sch 1 :
Sch 2 :
Sch 3 :
Sch 4 :
Sch 5 :
Sch 6 :








**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**
New Member

How to file 2018 taxes

Thank you. No, I owe.  So hopefully I can download the 2018 program from Amazon. Turbo Tax agent just now told me they don't have 2018 any longer but to buy it from Amazon or Best Buy. 


Thanks for your reply,  

Level 15

How to file 2018 taxes

bad info from Turbotax rep. you can get it from Amazon or other sites but updates and state returns are no longer available for 2018. some are used so the license code may be invalid preventing installation and use.

the accuracy guarantee also won't apply because updates are not available. 

your other options are either to get the forms from the IRS website and prepare it manually or use a pro who generally keeps their apps for many years

Level 15

How to file 2018 taxes

I think the License Code started in 2019 so 2018 won't have one or need to be activated.  

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