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how to correct Turbo Tax error in updating the form CA (540NR) of my state retrun?

I believe Turbo Tax has NOT update correctly  my CA (540NR)  form Part II, in my state tax. 


More specifically, in Part II line 7, although it shows correctly in column C my 2017 HSA contirbution amount as an addition, it includes it in column D, it does NOT include it in column E. 


Also, in Part II line 27,  it shows a $28 deductible self-employment tax that does not exist anymore (it was an error of an earlier version of my return which allowed for such $28 credit in my federal but has been since corrected).  


As a result of the 2 errors described above, I fear  my CA Taxable income is  under calculated by these two amounts.   How can I correct this?