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New Member

How do I report earned income I made without a w2? I provide babysitting and I made $8000.

How many can I enter on the other earned income
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New Member

How do I report earned income I made without a w2? I provide babysitting and I made $8000.

The IRS considers babysitting income to be self-employment.  Self-employment income is entered using Schedules C and SE (Form 1040).  You can certainly enter $8,000 (or more) of this type of income in the program, but please don't do so through the "other" income section of the program, as that can lead you astray.  Instead, to enter self-employment income mechanically in TurboTax, you have a couple of options.

First, you can find the self-employment (Schedule C) entry section by going through the regular taxpayer interview.

Second, you can navigate to the self-employment section by going through the TurboTax menu / tab tree as follows:  Federal Taxes -> Wages & Income -> Business Items -> Business Income and Expenses (Sch C).

Third, you can follow the process to jump directly there, which is explained on the following TurboTax FAQ webpage:

Once you begin your self-employment entries in TurboTax, if you're using TurboTax online, you'll need to be at least in the Deluxe version of the program or higher (or you'll be asked to upgrade).  You can enter all of your self-employment income in TurboTax Deluxe; but if you also have related expenses that you want to deduct, you'll need to use the TurboTax Self-Employment program version instead.

However, with babysitting, it's very possible you may not have any deductible expenses to enter, in which case you will be fine with Deluxe.  With any of the desktop (CD-ROM installed or downloaded) versions of TurboTax, they can all handle this kind of self-employment income input item without needing to upgrade.

If you have further questions, encounter any difficulties, or just want to speak with a live tax expert who can walk you through your TurboTax entries (including the ability to screen-share with your computer), please feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to help you.  Here is a link where you can create a support ticket and reach us:

Thank you for asking this question.

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