How do I get my W2 from 2016 & 2017?
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How do I get my W2 from 2016 & 2017?

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How do I get my W2 from 2016 & 2017?

TurboTax (TT) does not have your W-2 (in either the on-line or desk top versions). However, it does have a "facsimile", if you typed in (or imported) your W-2 when you prepared your return. If all you need is the information from your W-2, you can get that from the facsimile (W-2 worksheet), found in the list of forms. Every bit of information on your actual W-2 will be on the TT worksheet. Whether whomever you need to show your W-2 to will accept the worksheet instead; you'll have to ask them. Your employer is the best source of an actual copy of your W-2. For more options, see:

Level 15

How do I get my W2 from 2016 & 2017?

Do you need those W-2's because you still need to prepare tax returns for those years? 


W-2's come from your employer, and your best bet is to ask the (old?) employer for copies.  You might need to phone, drop in, email and/or snail mail an old employer to make sure they know where to send your W-2.


Other ways to get W-2’s:


Pay Social Security $86 per W-2:



You can get a wage and income transcript from the IRS:  It will not show the actual W-2, 1099’s, etc, but will show the income information the IRS received.  It will not, however, show your state information. It will only show the federal information.



Or as already mentioned, if you filed tax returns for those years, only the information you entered from the W-2's is in the pdf of the worksheets saved with your tax return.  There are no actual images of the W-2 saved.

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**
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