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How can I file the 1099- MISC form for 2016

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How can I file the 1099- MISC form for 2016

Deluxe will handle a limited Schedule C, which is the minimum you will need to report this "self-employment" income (income from 1099-K or 1099-MISC are considered self-employment). It will also handle very basic deductions such as standard vehicle mileage, cell phone, and miscellaneous expenses less than $100.

You should start with Deluxe, then the program will prompt you to upgrade if you start to deduct anything that goes beyond what the Deluxe package will handle.       

To enter your self-employment income, start under Wages & Income > 1099-Misc and Other Common Income > Income from 1099-Misc. Enter the income reported to you as if from 1099-Misc (Box 7)  and indicate that you may also have income for 2016 from the same source. This will allow you to enter expenses (car mileage, cell phone, and up to $100 in expenses).

If you didn't keep track of the mileage or the amounts Uber withheld (commissions etc.), look on the 2016 Tax Information link on the payments page of your Uber driver account. There is a summary sheet linked at the bottom and it shows the fees they took out as well as the mileage for the trips (however, be mindful that your mileage may actually be more as you drove around waiting for a passenger).

If you using Turbo Tax Self-Employed Online or Turbo Tax Home & Business Desktop version

  1. Start under the Business tab
  2. Click I'll choose what I'll work on
  3. In the "Business Income and Expenses" section, next to "Profit or Loss from Business", click Start or Update
  4. The next screen will ask "Did you have any income and expenses for a business in 2015?". Answer Yes.
  5. Follow the interview until you reach "Let's confirm your business info". Verify everything is accurate, then Continue
  6. You will be redirected to your business page. In the "Business Income" section, click Start or Update
  7. Next to "General Income", click Start or Update
  8. Manually enter a description and amount for this income here