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Help getting ITIN with expired visa

 I applied for ITIN in march. The issue was my visa got expired in Jan, but has an approved I-797. We applied ITIN by submitting documents at local TAC office and the officer verified all the documents (passport, I797, W7) took copies of all (including I-797) and said he will be sending all those to IRS Austin, Texas. 

But 3 days back I got a CP 566 notice from IRS. When i called them they told they did not receive the Approval Notice and asked to mail the ORIGINAL, which i dont want to do and fear getting it lost back and forth. They also mentioned that IRS will accept copies certified by the issuing agency. Do i need to get a certified copy of I797 from USCIS? I doubt if its possible at all. IS there any alternative to get this processed without sending them the originals?